App Manager: Simple & Lightweight Tool To Do Batch Backup/Restore & Uninstall [Android]

If you are tired of the native app manager from Android or other heavy tools that offer unnecessary...

App-Manager-Simple-&-Lightweight-Tool-To-Do-Batch-BackupRestore-&-Uninstall-[Android]-(1)If you are tired of the native app manager from Android or other heavy tools that offer unnecessary options, App Manager provides a lightweight utility totally focused on practicality. Despite the simple interface, App Manager allows you to perform two fundamental functions that are not available in the manager-standard apps from Android: uninstallations and do batch backups. The usability of the tool is very good, because the applications are loaded quickly with icons - facilitating their identification - and uninstallations and backups are done in a few seconds.Moreover, the list of programs can be organized by name, date or size. Although the main features do not require a handset with access to the root user, the blocked gadgets can not access the "Show System Apps" (View apps System), which obviously prevents their removal. However, this is not a problem of the App Manager, but the lack of permissions locked phone.

App-Manager-Simple-&-Lightweight-Tool-To-Do-Batch-BackupRestore-&-Uninstall-[Android]-(2) App-Manager-Simple-&-Lightweight-Tool-To-Do-Batch-BackupRestore-&-Uninstall-[Android]-(3) App-Manager-Simple-&-Lightweight-Tool-To-Do-Batch-BackupRestore-&-Uninstall-[Android]-(4)

When you run the app, they upload all applications installed on the system. You can change the ordering of items in the list by clicking on "Name" (Name), "Date" (Date) or "Size" (Size).

The two main features are App Manager "Uninstall" and "Backup", with which you can perform backups or uninstallations batch. For this you need to check the box for the programs you want to uninstall or press the "Check All" (Select All).


  • Simple interface.
  • Batch backup and uninstallation feature.


  • Have issue with screen timeout.

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