Smart Optimizer: Improve The Performance Of Your Device With A Very Simple App [Android]

Smart Optimizer is an application quite different from most of the applications in its class: althou...

Smart-Optimizer-Improve-The-Performance-Of-Your-Device-With-A-Very-Simple-App-[Android]-(1)Smart Optimizer is an application quite different from most of the applications in its class: although it has a totally playful, it has complete tools to optimize the use of your gadget with Android. Smart Optimizer is one single app that could make the list more as a process manager and system optimizer, however, he manages to stand out in a single item: the look of the app. Here you will find graphics and buttons that seem to have been drawn by hand. This gives a totally playful air to Smart Optimizer and leaves the system with that style of old fashioned and conventional applications of the same category. This item alone would already be an attractive and well, but the sum of tools that brings Smart Optimizer also enhances the application and effectiveness of the Smart Optimizer to improve the speed of the device is the complement to the application to be almost perfect.

Furthermore, Smart Optimizer still has 10 theme options, all following the same style of illustration. So you can customize the app according to their tastes and needs. This all makes the Smart Optimizer is a comprehensive application and indispensable for anyone who does not want apps to look serious, but that also does not dispense systems that work perfectly just to keep a casual look.

Smart-Optimizer-Improve-The-Performance-Of-Your-Device-With-A-Very-Simple-App-[Android]-(2)  Smart-Optimizer-Improve-The-Performance-Of-Your-Device-With-A-Very-Simple-App-[Android]-(3)

Here, you make your Android device run faster and can manage tasks manually, and to clean cache, or even let the Smart Optimizer takes care of everything alone, leaving the whole device even faster. Everything you need is on the top flap of canvas. Hence all menus are self-explanatory.

Check out the video demo below:


  • Nice and effective interface.
  • Simple to use.
  • Has several themes.
  • Varity of important tool avialable.


  • Not optimized for tablets..? 

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