SlideShark: View & Share All Your PowerPoint Presentations Keeping All Settings Intact [iPhone]

SlideShark an application is made for iPhone and iPad in order to view share all your PowerPoint presentations directly from your iOS devic...

SlideShark-View-&-Share-All-Your-PowerPoint-Presentations-Keeping-All-Settings-Intact-[iPhone]-(1)SlideShark an application is made for iPhone and iPad in order to view share all your PowerPoint presentations directly from your iOS device - always keeping all settings intact.  SlideShark is an efficient application, mainly because you can use your PowerPoint presentations keeping all settings. With this, people who make use of the software can feel safe and use it without fear of losing their jobs. The method used to pass files is convenient and fast, it just sync the app with the account accessed by the computer. Also, you only need to use internet connection once since then sync the file is already "inside" of the device. The interface used is clean and has no buttons or unnecessary spread. Thus, it is very easy to learn to use the application. Mainly because it allows some editions - another plus. However, the program crashes when organizing the files, because if a person has many presentations stored, they will be all together and mixed. You can not perform any kind of categorization - though there is the option to search every file, which mitigates the "defect".

To use SlideShark, first you will need to make an account from here . You will need to enter your email address and create a password. After that, you will be ready to use the app as it is not necessary to make any kind of confirmation.

SlideShark-View-&-Share-All-Your-PowerPoint-Presentations-Keeping-All-Settings-Intact-[iPhone]-(2)  SlideShark-View-&-Share-All-Your-PowerPoint-Presentations-Keeping-All-Settings-Intact-[iPhone]-(3)

By the time you are completing your registration, you will be able to choose between individual or group accounts. The major difference is that the second type enables the use of more than one person within the same account. Thus, the group sales of a company, for example, can show the same presentation to different people and in different places. Moreover, you can also opt for free or paid plans. In packages which require payment, you can store a larger amount of data - ie you can work with larger presentations or more of them.

SlideShark-View-&-Share-All-Your-PowerPoint-Presentations-Keeping-All-Settings-Intact-[iPhone]-(4) SlideShark-View-&-Share-All-Your-PowerPoint-Presentations-Keeping-All-Settings-Intact-[iPhone]-(5) 

With your email address and password registered, you can access your page within the site SlideShark. At the top right of the screen, there's the "Upload" button - with it, you can choose the presentations that are saved on your computer and pass them to the site. Once the file is uploaded, it will be in the center of the screen and you will see a thumbnail of it and his name, with the options of allowing shares, edit and delete. At this point, it will already be available on your Apple device.


After downloading the app finished, log in using your iPhone or iPad. Once the upload window, you should see your presentation available on the desktop software - now, you only get to use it. If your file is not in the position mentioned above, note that the top of the interface's information "Last Synchronized" and a date and time. Alongside this information, there is a button to refresh synchronization, tap it and the presentation will be downloaded straight to your device.

The application offers some options for use, so you can tailor your presentation for all situations.Simply touch the button represented by the letter "i" and change the time of passage of slides, slide show and choose to change the downtime on each image, among other alternatives.


  • Efficient application.
  • Practical method.
  • Clean interface.


  • Have issue with file organization.

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