iMindMap: Create Mind Maps Completely Using Touch Gestures [iPhone]

iMindMap is a drawing tool that was specially created for the development of mental maps. All commands are done through intuitive touch gest...

iMindMap-Create-Mind-Maps-Completely-Using-Touch-Gestures-[iPhone]-(1)iMindMap is a drawing tool that was specially created for the development of mental maps. All commands are done through intuitive touch gestures, and a menu combines several features that complement the features of interaction. With iMindMap, you can create mind maps in minutes complete for use in your presentations or help organize your life. The app brings all the basic tools for the development of the design through simple taps on the touch screen. The default layouts are very useful because they are related to common situations that are usually used mind maps. Anyway, even starting a drawing with a blank screen, it is easy to form the diagram. The touch controls are well laid out, helping you create the roots and sub-roots through gestures.Typing is also facilitated, since the keyboard is always maximized. And the top menu contains several useful options for people who do not have much flexibility with the touch screen. More to read.

iMindMap-Create-Mind-Maps-Completely-Using-Touch-Gestures-[iPhone]-(5)  iMindMap-Create-Mind-Maps-Completely-Using-Touch-Gestures-[iPhone]-(4)

Despite all the possibilities of iMindMap, the free version of the app does not allow you to export your mind maps. Thus, their ideas get stuck in the gadget and will not leave it until you purchase the full version of the app. To create a mind map, you need to make a brief registration that does not require verification of your email. Then simply press the "options" of your gadget and click on "New Mind Map" or "New Drom Template" to create a new design.


  • Create and deliver stunning presentations.
  • Limited access to ThinkBuzan Cloud, allowing access to your maps from any ThinkBuzan Cloud enabled version of iMindMap.
  • Open .imx email attachments from iMindMap desktop.
  • Add Audio Notes, web links and text notes.
  • Colourful Image Library.
  • Templates to get you started fast.
  • Brand new Sketch Tool.
  • Inbuilt SmartLayout technology to keep your maps tidy.
  • Tailor your maps with Styles & Freehand Branches.
  • Undo/redo feature to quickly amend or alter your Mind Maps.


  • Intuitive interface .
  • Built-in templates.
  • Complete touch gesture support.


  • Can not export projects.

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