Jukebox for Android: A Full-Feature Alternative Music Player With Cloud Integration [Android]

Jukebox for Android is a full- featured music player for your Android . Whether you use a smartphone or a tablet: the Jukebox has the perfe...

Jukebox-for-Android-A-Full-Feature-Alternative-Music-Player-With-Cloud-Integration-[Android]-(1)Jukebox for Android is a full-featured music player for your Android. Whether you use a smartphone or a tablet: the Jukebox has the perfect tools for you.You will not have any work to use the app. All you need is to select the song you want to hear and ready. Jukebox is a simple but very useful app for those looking for an alternative to Android's native music player. With it, you can find simple ways to view content and listen to the songs, either in alphabetical order or randomly. Moreover, the Jukebox allows you to group your tracks also by artists and albums, facilitating the work in time to find the songs you want to hear. The app is not difficult to use and can be useful both for those who do not have much practice with Android as for those who simply do not want to waste time on applications filled with tools.


The visual Jukebox makes the app lose some points in their assessment: it is simple and even a bit old-fashioned. This is not enough to disrupt the use of the Jukebox, but it matters to anyone who is very picky. Among the many possibilities on Google Play the Jukebox does not bring any tool that differentiates, however, the app does not bring reason to be discarded if you want a new player in your gadget. So download the Jukebox is worth, but he does not get to be an indispensable application.

Jukebox-for-Android-A-Full-Feature-Alternative-Music-Player-With-Cloud-Integration-[Android]-(2)  Jukebox-for-Android-A-Full-Feature-Alternative-Music-Player-With-Cloud-Integration-[Android]-(3)

When you open the Jukebox, you can already check out the list of songs saved on the device. At the base of the screen you can select one of three viewing options. They help to sort songs by artist, album or tracks alphabetically. You can ask the Jukebox to repeat songs or set random mode tap. Thus, you need not listen to the tracks in the same order. Moreover, the Jukebox will also show album art while you listen to your favorite songs.

Jukebox-for-Android-A-Full-Feature-Alternative-Music-Player-With-Cloud-Integration-[Android]-(4)  Jukebox-for-Android-A-Full-Feature-Alternative-Music-Player-With-Cloud-Integration-[Android]-(5)

Check out the video demo below:

Download Jukebox for Android

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