Widgetsoid: One Of The Best Power Control Widget With Notification Bar Widget Support [Android]

Widgetsoid is a tool for you to put different widgets on the screen of your phone and easy access to installed apps and also the Android set...

Widgetsoid-One-Of-The-Best-Power-Control-Widget-With-Notification-Bar-Widget-Support-[Android]-(1)Widgetsoid is a tool for you to put different widgets on the screen of your phone and easy access to installed apps and also the Android settings. So elegant and funky, the application helps make some mundane tasks much simpler and quicker. Widgetsoid is the perfect app for those who want more convenience when accessing some settings and apps from Android. The standard icons used in the application are very well designed, giving more elegance to the gadget. One feature that draws the most attention in Widgetsoid is the possibility to insert music controls on the main screen of the phone. Thus, navigating between songs or stop playback of the content is much faster and just as effective as if you were accessing directly into the player. Widgetsoid is beautiful, modern and lets you organize your items the cell. The customization options are to ensure that the app matches the look of your Android and can be made with just some touches. All very practical and simple. More to read.

Widgetsoid-One-Of-The-Best-Power-Control-Widget-With-Notification-Bar-Widget-Support-[Android]-(2)  Widgetsoid-One-Of-The-Best-Power-Control-Widget-With-Notification-Bar-Widget-Support-[Android]-(3)

In Widgetsoid you can, with just a touch, turn on and off Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS or Bluetooth, screen brightness control, keep an eye on the temperature and battery power, control music playback and access many other special features of your gadget. There is no complication in the use of Widgetsoid. After installation, just insert a widget on the screen of your phone and wait a few moments until the Settings screen is displayed. So, just browse through the options and select those you want to display, press the "Apply" button for the changes to take effect.

Widgetsoid-One-Of-The-Best-Power-Control-Widget-With-Notification-Bar-Widget-Support-[Android]-(4)  Widgetsoid-One-Of-The-Best-Power-Control-Widget-With-Notification-Bar-Widget-Support-[Android]-(5)

Widgetsoid also allows customization of widgets. You can choose the colors and styles to icons and letters, leaving the app with a look that fits best with your device. When choosing the size of the widgets, careful not to overdo it and leave the shortcuts or too tight so they do not fit on the screen of the gadget.

Check out the video demo below:


  • Easy to use.
  • Allows you to customize the interface.
  • Well-designed icons.
  • Ability to put power control widget in notification bar.
  • Consumes really low system resource and battery life.


  • Custom icon size may look odd in LDPI devices.

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