Samsung Will Unveil New Chipset With 8 Cores In 2013 [News]

Based on some recent rumors and events, Samsung is about to debut its first product based on the big...

Samsung-Will-Unveil-New-Chipset-With-8-Cores-In-2013-[News]-(1)Based on some recent rumors and events, Samsung is about to debut its first product based on the big.LITTLE architecture on February 19, 2013, technology developed by ARM. While half of the new processors will be designed to work everyday considered, the other will be used for handling tasks that require intense processing load. The device, a 28nm SoC combining two quad-core chip, one made by Cortex A15 cores at 1.8 GHz and and another by Cortex A7 cores at 1.2 GHz will be demonstrated during the International Solid State Circuits Conference. The proposed product is to reconcile the low energy consumption expected from a handheld device with the demand for increasingly efficient performances by consumers.


Despite offering a lower performance than seen on the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy Nexus, the Cortex A7 cores should bring great benefits to the new chipset, especially with regard to energy consumption. According to ARM, currently 14 electronics manufacturers have the license to work on their own versions of the big.LITTLE architecture.

Based on the big.LITTLE architecture, new Chipset from Samsung should reconcile a good power consumption with high performance on mobile devices using two different independent Quad-Core processor.


It is worth noting that, despite having 8 cores, the new processor is not designed for that they all operate simultaneously. Each CPU with four cores work independently, and deciding which one is activated will depend on the number of active processes in each usage scenario.

To date, there is no expectation of when a product from Samsung to debut new technology. However, there is great probability that the new architecture will be first used in the successor to the Nexus 10, while the next generation Galaxy S smartphone should still present a quad-core processor.

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