Talking Garfield HD: Play With A Garfield That Speaks, Moves, Plays Piano & Does Lot More! [iPhone Game]

Talking Garfield HD is a fun little game that brings talk of how the main character likable kitten Garfield, who speaks, moves, plays, plays...

Talking-Garfield-HD-Play-With-A-Garfield-That-Speaks,-Moves,-Plays-Piano-&-Does-Lot-More!-[iPhone-Game]-(1)Talking Garfield HD is a fun little game that brings talk of how the main character likable kitten Garfield, who speaks, moves, plays, plays piano and more. You can play for hours with this lazy bug who loves to eat, play and rest. When you touch the screen on it, it makes some gesture or different reaction, like walking forward, waving or even say anything. If you want you can speak a sentence near the microphone so that the Garfield repeat exactly the same words, but this time with a different voice. You can play the piano with Garfield or even play a game in which the food is falling from the sky and you need to slide your finger over the screen so that he can pick up and eat food. Another fun option is to shoot this kitten mixing with the environment, in assemblies of fun over there..

Talking-Garfield-HD-Play-With-A-Garfield-That-Speaks,-Moves,-Plays-Piano-&-Does-Lot-More!-[iPhone-Game]-(1) Talking-Garfield-HD-Play-With-A-Garfield-That-Speaks,-Moves,-Plays-Piano-&-Does-Lot-More!-[iPhone-Game]-(2)

Talking Garfield HD is a fun little game to speak featuring Garfield as the lead character. This application is great for kids who want to interact with the kitten lazy as he repeats the lines, makes various movements and even lets you play piano with him or take pictures mixing reality with the design. The free version of this game has limited movements and reactions, being quite repetitive for older children. The small, however, does not matter so much with it, and is more advantageous to use the application free. The game is also suitable for younger children, as it is very easy and does not show much change.

Talking-Garfield-HD-Play-With-A-Garfield-That-Speaks,-Moves,-Plays-Piano-&-Does-Lot-More!-[iPhone-Game]-(4) Talking-Garfield-HD-Play-With-A-Garfield-That-Speaks,-Moves,-Plays-Piano-&-Does-Lot-More!-[iPhone-Game]-(5)

Something that draws a lot of attention is the ability to take pictures using the Garfield in several different poses, mixed with reality. This is perfect for kids with fun pictures along with the kitten, even more by the fact that these images are then easily shared with friends on social networks. The amount of different poses and size adjustable, as well as the possibility of putting the Garfield anywhere on the screen, it makes it worth downloading this little game you do not even have kids at home, since this is a great source fun even for grown-ups.


  • Garfield repeats what you say.
  • Great for toddlers.
  • Fun little game together.


  • Few reactions in the free version

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