Viddy: Capture Videos, Instantly Apply Different Effects & Share Them Over Social Sites [iPhone]

Everyone has the right to show their life, their activities, their creations and their talent as possible film director. With these cameras ...

Viddy-Capture-Videos,-Instantly-Apply-Different-Effects-&-Share-Them-Over-Social-Sites-[iPhone]-(1)Everyone has the right to show their life, their activities, their creations and their talent as possible film director. With these cameras in various devices and platforms increasingly integrated with YouTube, it becomes increasingly easy and irresistible share some videos. For those who already know and use the, popular app to enhance and share photos quickly Viddy can understand how a program of the same type only this time directed to videos. Viddy is highly recommended for those who love to shoot, but do not understand a lot of editing software. With the tools contained in the application, any user equipped with enough creativity can raise the level of production without any effort. Another positive factor: the speed with which they can post a video is as fast as sending a post via Twitter. And the whole point of the application is there as well as Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, the Viddy restricts the videos just 15 seconds. More to read.

Viddy-Capture-Videos,-Instantly-Apply-Different-Effects-&-Share-Them-Over-Social-Sites-[iPhone]-(1)  Viddy-Capture-Videos,-Instantly-Apply-Different-Effects-&-Share-Them-Over-Social-Sites-[iPhone]-(2)

The own community of users is also growing, with posts and daily interactions, inviting newcomers to share their shapes there. However, for some users, the limit of 15 seconds can bother. But then again, who ever thought it strange the 140 character limit of Twitter when he began to use it? Viddy is an application that really takes seriously the concept of "do it yourself", allowing even the most novice users before sharing their videos, give a special touch to them through various image effects.

Viddy-Capture-Videos,-Instantly-Apply-Different-Effects-&-Share-Them-Over-Social-Sites-[iPhone]-(3)  Viddy-Capture-Videos,-Instantly-Apply-Different-Effects-&-Share-Them-Over-Social-Sites-[iPhone]-(4)

In the main interface, you will find five basic tasks. The first, Feed, serves as a feeder new videos posted by people you follow - something similar to Twitter and Facebook. The second, Faves, shows an overview of all the videos that you have marked as favorites. The main function is called Share, allows sharing of videos (both already written to memory or videos up to 15 seconds to be raised at the time). Finally, Activity demonstrates general activities of your contacts, while Profile lets you change your profile information.

In the Viddy community itself, each video allows approval (symbolized by a heart) and comments from other users - as happens on Vimeo and YouTube. The most popular and which were the highest rated gain prominence on the homepage of the application. However, another feature of Viddy is promoting generated content via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks. Simply enter your login networks that want to send the material to them is automatic.

In total, nine different effects are available for free. Their application is immediate, without any extra configuration, and the waiting time takes only a few seconds (this also depends on your device). Among the most interesting are Black & White (B & W), Hued (color burst), Vintage (old style), 3D (simulating the effect caused by glasses type) and Glam (variations and distortions of various colors separately).


  • Advanced camera includes focus / exposure / white balance settings, audio metering, timer and more.
  • Add visual effects, music, transitions, and even movie stars to your videos.
  • 100% free packs such as Vintage, Crystal, Solarize, Red, Exposed, Retro, Glam, BW, Hued, Junkd and 3D.
  • 100% free brand packs such as Snoop, Incubus, and more.
  • Share your creation privately, to your friends, or to the world.
  • One-click sharing to the social web, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.
  • Interact with your friends with tags, likes and comments.
  • Realtime video discovery and exploration from a vibrant community.
  • An endless source of creativity, inspiration and personal expression.


  • Integration with other social networks.
  • Effects convincing in the final result.
  • Useful and instant.
  • Own active community.


    • Only nine effects available for free.
    • Limited to 15 seconds per video.

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