Lego Robot can now be controlled by your smartphone With Linux-based firmware [CES 2013]

You've probably heard of the Lego Mindstorms kits. They are sets of traditional pieces of the bl...

Lego-Robot-can-now-be-controlled-by-your-smartphone-With-Linux-based-firmware-[CES-2013]-(4)You've probably heard of the Lego Mindstorms kits. They are sets of traditional pieces of the blocks of mark which can be adapted to gears, and wheel sensors which can be controlled by a programmable processor, transforming the toy into a robot. The robot presented at CES 2013 is that the equipment which can now be controlled using your smartphone. These kits were born in a time when computers are the best option for programming small robots. Bringing the control to mobile platforms is the alternative to expand the Lego toy universe and open up further possibilities for using the system.



The Mindstorms EV3 is based on Linux, running a firmware ready to be used with Android and iOS, not counting possible updates to receive for other mobile operating systems such as Windows Phone. The gadget also features an SD card slot, infrared sensor - Lego says the system allows the robot to follow other mobile gadgets or even their owners in any environment.



This should also be the first packets of Lego building with a guide in 3D. Using a specific application from Autodesk, users can see the development process from any desired angle. Lego has not announced the exact date of arrival of EV3 the market, but it should be marketed in the second half of the year. central unit of the kit will sell for $350 USD.

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