Lenovo Brings New Gaming PC Erazer X700 supporting up to two video cards running together [CES 2013]

At CES 2013 , one of the companies that has presented most devices till now is Lenovo . And amongst the the devices that are calling consume...

Lenovo-Brings-New-Gaming-PC-Erazer-X700-supporting-up-to-two-video-cards-running-together-[CES-2013]-(1)At CES 2013, one of the companies that has presented most devices till now is Lenovo. And amongst the the devices that are calling consumers' most attention is the Erazer X700, which is going to available from $1499 USD - the amount required for the most basic setup possible for the computer. It will hit stores at the end of June. But what really stands out are the maximum configurations for which the Lenovo X700 Erazer supported. We're talking about an Intel Core i7 Extreme processor, 4 TB of storage capacity and support for two graphics cards - AMD or NVIDIA. For those who opt for AMD, it is still possible to connect up to 6 monitors with Eyefinity technology.





It is also worth noting that the unit has a very robust and interesting design, and compatible with the tastes of the most demanding gamers. Let me say again, the price of the Lenovo X700 Erazer is $1,499, pretty much well-priced regarding the respected configuration.

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