List Of Commonly Used & useful Windows Keyboard Shortcut Using Control (Ctrl) Key

If you are a more experienced user in using Windows computers, you know that it is possible to use different shortcuts for activating commands more quickly and practice through various programs, such as your browser, Photoshop or Word. There are a lots of keyboard shortcut available for Windows system and more other available for specific application. Usage of keyboard shortcuts has been broaden in Windows 8. We previously shared 38 Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts) For Windows 8 To Become Powerful to introduce new keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8.


However, not everyone knows that the Control key (aka Ctrl, if you prefer) can also be used to activate many types of shortcuts that will facilitate your work on the computer. This way you can write more efficiently or even create slideshows more accurate, for example.

DNA Testing Chip performs DNA testing & Gives results in just 1 hour [Video]

Finally, the development of equipment for DNA testing are becoming increasingly accessible, and there are even kids building their own genetic sequencing machines at home using new methods. And a breakthrough in this direction was a chip created by Panasonic in partnership with IMEC - Belgium-based research institution - which promises to perform genetic analyzes in just one hour.


This is the chip we've actually developed. As you can see, it's less than half the size of a business card. It contains everything needed for testing DNA. Once a drop of blood is inserted, the chip completes the entire process, up to SNP detection.
- Quoted from DigInfo TV

[Reader’s Question] How To Turn My Windows 8 Laptop In Wi-Fi Hotspot

With the increasing number of smartphone users, sharing one internet connection with all devices may come in a handy for many people. If you are using broadband internet in your Windows laptop and your gadget has Wifi transmitter (which most notebooks already have), then you can easily create your very own personal Wifi hotspot even without using any Third-party software at all. Micrsoft added ad-hoc network connection sharing feature from Windows 7 and later giving you the ability to share internet connection over Wifi. Using Windows netsh utility, you can try this method on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

[Reader’s Question] How To Turn My Windows 8 Laptop In Wi-Fi Hotspot (4)

To get started, first you will need to run Command dialog box with administrative privileges. Just search for cmd in start screen, right click on CMD and then click on Run as administrator.