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ABCTRICK – This is the place where you can find the Latest attraction and addition on the Technology World. Founded in 2011, this blog has already reached over a big dimension and yet it’s not over. We try to improve our condition over and over again with your help. ABCTRICK is a tech blog focused on helping users find free and simple solutions to their everyday problems. We began by reviewing the best desktop freeware and services and Java Mobile Softwares from around the web and routinely covering the latest tips and hacks on Windows, Android, and other operating systems so that users would not have to buy applications and services for the simplest of problems and also, so it would be easier for them to find what they were looking for.


  1. Reyad Islam: Founder and Editor-In-Chief [Windows, Features, Products, Android]
  2. Fariha Rufsi: Associate Editor [Internet, Art, Updates, Service]
  3. Rajib-Ul-Ahad: Editor [Mac, iPhone, Android, Email-Editor]
  4. Farhan Waqus: Editor [Mac, iPhone, Android, Email-Editor]

ABCTRICK is Different - Unlike other tech related sites, here we focus on both content and customization. We try to provide only quality contents and also try to format them in a definite style which will give the readers a great comfort of reading. That’s why readers keep coming back (Thanks to You!). Get Touched with the Exclusive Tech World, Gather Your Knowledge.

Behind ABCTRICK – “Reyad Islam”. He found this blog, developed this, designed this and mostly wrote article for this blog. Lol! Someday ago he decided to write his feelings and this is how the ABCTRICK blog comes to you. Writing about Windows, Android, Java and Internet.

To Reach Us – If you have any problem, any complement/suggestion or if you have some article/idea and want to share them with us, simply just use this Contact Us form and you will be notified in no time.

A Note – We care about you and this is how we are getting up. With your help, we are awesome / But without you, we are junk bin! So let us give you a ride through the technology world and please DO NOT LEAVE US!

Can I Write Articles For ABC TRICK?

Yes! Just use this Contact Form and we will be up and running.

Can I Republish Your Articles On Other Site?


This site has taken thousands of hours of work to create and maintain, and every single article is original DCMA protected content. You can only quote our articles with a link back, which would be greatly appreciated. You can not copy MORE THAN ONE SINGLE PARAGRAPH or MORE THAN TWO SCREENSHOTS while quoting.


We share a lot of tools/products/services regularly. Before recommending those items, we generally check every one of them. But yet we have to write about product/service recommended by other users often. Therefore, we would like to make it clear that we can’t (and will not) hold liable/responsible for any loss/damage/discomfort occurred as a result of using ABC Trick recommended product/service.

Many of our articles require to make changes to your system. While we fully test and stand by our advice, there is still the potential for problems when making any configuration changes as this is a really dangerous task. So Please be careful. Again, we can’t (and will not) hold liable/responsible for any loss/damage/discomfort occurred as a result of MISUSING our tips.

If you do encounter problems, you should first try and use the uninstall instructions. If that doesn't help, leave a message on corresponding article where you find that idea.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.