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  1. Reyad Islam: Founder and Editor-In-Chief [Windows, Features, Products, Android]
  2. Fariha Rufsi: Associate Editor [Internet, Art, Updates, Service]
  3. Rajib-Ul-Ahad: Editor [Mac, iPhone, Android, Email-Editor]

Our mailing address is:
ABC Trick
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  • 65% between the ages of 18 and 34
  • Average earning of audience is between $60K-$100K
  • 55% male audience and 45% female audience
  • Audience Geo-location: 53% from the United States; 12% from United Kingdom, 7% from India, 5% from Germany, 4% from Canada and the rest from Asia and Europe
  • Traffic Source: 38% search traffic, 32% direct visit, 12% social media and the rest from referral

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