First Look Over Windows 8.1: Important Things That Has Been Changed/Added [Editor’s Note]

It has been murmuring throughout the blogs and magazines that Microsoft are going to release a major update over Windows 8 bumping the version number to Windows 8.1 aka Windows Blue. Finally, yesterday (30th May, 2013), Microsoft have officially talked about Windows 8.1, things that will be changed or added over Windows 8 and discussed future possibilities as well as release date and other in their blog. Today we have looked over the first official impression made by Windows 8.1 and decided to share our thoughts about it. The update will not make any drastic changes in the system, but will be many interface changes/improvements, together with new gestures that promises to improve the usability of the operating system.


Some of the new features have been seen in leaked builds in recent weeks, such as the possibility to work with two applications side by side in the new interface, with the option to adjust the width of each screen. The update will be completely free for those who bought Windows 8, and will role over from June 26th. As assumed, the update will be distributed by Windows Store. Below you can see all the details.