How To Password Protect Google Chrome Using Simple Startup Password [Extension]

There is no denying that security and privacy are essential elements on the Internet . In browsers , these features are a bit outdated and n...

How-Password-Protect-Google-Chrome-Using-Simple-Startup-Password-[Extension]-(4)There is no denying that security and privacy are essential elements on the Internet. In browsers, these features are a bit outdated and not many programs aimed primarily at protecting the use of the Internet. Simple Startup Password is an extension for Google Chrome that tries to fill some of that carelessness. The goal of using this extension is to allow access to the Google application only after entering a password, which can be quickly selected by the user. Thus, the pages with login and password are entered, for example, can not be seen by others. Simple Startup Password is a useful extension to the browser from Google. Its operation is quite simple, since there is no additional settings except the choice of password. The protection works successfully and any inexperienced user can enter a code in Chrome without any problems. More to read.


To configure this Simple Startup Password extension so that you need to provide a password each time you start your browser, open the Google Chrome after you have installed the extension, and click on the Wrench menu (Settings icon located on the very right side of address bar). Then open Extensions menu from Tools. The Extension window will show all installed extensions in Google Chrome. Now find the Simple Startup Password from the list and click on Options of it.


A new tab should open with the setup program. Now, simply enter your security password in the Enter Password field. After done, just click Save and restart the browser.


Ready! Now each time you open your Google Chrome, it will ask for a password. Your data is safe from the prying on duty! Remember to keep this password as well, because if you lose, the only way to re-use Google Chrome is by uninstalling and reinstalling the browser.

Download Simple Startup Password

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