Batch Resize Multiple Images By Keeping Aspect Ratio & Apply Effect Using Fotosizer For Windows

Do you share your pictures with your friends via social community site like Facebook , Twitter , Orkut or any other or send them via email o...

Batch-Resize-Multiple-Images-By-Keeping-Aspect-Ratio-&-Apply-Effect-Using-Fotosizer-For-Windows-()Do you share your pictures with your friends via social community site like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut or any other or send them via email often? Then you must have to upload lots of images everyday and you might need to edit them too. Because nowadays digital cameras (even mobile camera) are capable of taking high resolution pictures and those pictures aren’t suitable for Internet Transfer. With the development of hardware of digital cameras, 10, 14 Mega Pixel or even bigger resolution of snapping device is everywhere. Pictures taken by those are enormous in size (>5 Mega Byte each). So you must have to resize them before uploading to anywhere. Fotosizer is a simple and freeware Windows application that allows to resize multiple images at once quickly and easily. It is an easy to use and simple application that can save your time greatly by batch resizing and adding effect to lots of pictures at once. Its interface is an bit hard for eye (high contrast) but simple and friendly, since it comes with the options and functions well separated by the screen. Furthermore, the result of the process is quite suitable. It tries to maintain aspect ratio of the picture while batch resizing so the result will have same width/height ratio as the input. More to read.

We previously shared some other photo editing tool like PixBuilder, FotoSketcher, SharpShot and more. Although regarding image editing features, Fotosizer is not anyway near of those applications but Fotosizer has batch photo resize option and batch photo effect applier option that makes it worthy of use. By those two small but really useful feature, you may be able to save lots of time.


Resizing images by Fotosizer is extremely simple. First of all, open the program and click Add Folder (to add a folder with multiple images) or Add Image (to place a single image at a time in the program list). After doing this, a list of all photos will open in the left panel of application window. There you will several info about an image like it’s name, size, resolution, estimated size after conversion etc.

On the right side of the screen you can configure all the changes you want made to the photos are resized. Put your desired image size under the Custom Size/Percentage Of Original menu. Then select Destination folder, Output format and Filename mask under the Destination Settings. Once done, click on Start from the bottom to start image conversion.


You can also batch apply Black & White, Negative or Sepia effect or rotate the image or even change the quality of result image from the Optional Settings.


Under Options, you will be able to change display language and supported inputable image type.

From our short test, we found this tool real useful and time saving to resize and add effect to lots of image at once. The result image of Fotosizer is also good and worth able. Fotosizer is a free tool that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Fotosizer

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