Manage Your Google Docs Account Directly From Your Desktop Using gExplore For Windows

gExplore is a brilliant freeware application for managing your documents hosted on Google Docs directly from your desktop without opening Go...

Manage-Your-Google-Docs-Account-Directly-From-Your-Desktop-Using-gExplore-For-Windows-()gExplore is a brilliant freeware application for managing your documents hosted on Google Docs directly from your desktop without opening Google Docs from your browser. With it, you can upload files to Google Docs or download them, perform standard file managing operation (e.g. create, edit, delete etc.) and even apply password protected encryption. gExplore is a useful application for anyone who uses Google Docs quite often. The great advantage is you will get access to your Google Docs instantly (since it is not necessary to open the service from the browser) and a easy to use advanced interface. The User Interface of the application much easier to use as it provides simple functions and tools are very well categorized in menus. So even if you've never used a similar application or do not have much experience with the Google Docs, you will easily get to use this app. The upload and download functions of this app are relatively quick. More to read.

If you are not familiar with Google Docs, Google Docs is an online service from Google to store files. It lets you create new documents or edit hosted files by itself. The program also lets you share content with other friends who have Google account. For so many easy user-end features free for personal use, Google Docs has become a great service for both the repository and sharing documents. gExplore's concept is to provide a tool to manage your files on Google Docs account from your computer without accessing it directly via the browser. Besides gExplore can also send PDF documents to Amazon Kindle.


While using the program for the first time, it asks you to enter your login information. If you wish, there is an option to store the account information (which is not recommended if you are using public computers). The home menu basically displays your documents hosted on the service with a file tree on the left side of the screen.


To upload a file via gExplore, simply drag the file into the application. Click on any documents from gExplore to access to the advanced options like Delete/Copy/Rename, Download/Upload New Version, Star File/Share and more.


Some useful features of gExplore is you can upload a file to Google Docs (or download it), apply encryption (at time of upload), create or rename documents, save information about the content (Meta Data) and more. If you have more than one storage folder, you can change the contents of each other via Drag & Drop.

gExplore is an useful free tool for those who use Google Docs very often. gExplore runs on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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