Edit Image With Easy To Use Paint Alternative Tool Called HeliosPaint For Windows, Mac & Linux

If you were following our blog quite regularly then you must have noted that we shared a handsome number of freeware image editor and photo ...

Edit-Image-With-Easy-To-Use-Paint-Alternative-Tool-Called-HeliosPaint-For-Windows,-Mac-&-Linux-If you were following our blog quite regularly then you must have noted that we shared a handsome number of freeware image editor and photo tools already. Although each and every one of then has different plus-point, one of the biggest downside of our previously featured PixBuilder, FotoSketcher, Fotosizer or SharpShot is they are not cross-platform. Means they do not support multiple OS. From that view, today we are featuring another photo editor tool called HeliosPaint which could be a worthy alternative to Windows’s Paint and works on Windows, Mac and Linux. HeliosPaint provides basic tools and simple effects as well as some common adjustments such as brightness, contrast and sharpness. Another plus-point of this application is it’s portable that means you need not to install it anywhere, simply run it. It has an interface similar to the Window’s default photo editor Paint – The only difference is it has much more tools then paint. You can create a new image or edit an existing one using this. The program has support for various formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIF and many others. More to read.


HeliosPaint comes with an Online package download. You will need to download the Downloader and then download the HeliosPaint executable package. While downloading, it will ask you whether you want to install a toolbar for your browser. Although it could be useful, but if you find it annoying then disable it for downloader.


The interface is quite simple and easy. From the top bar you will find the tools referred as New Image, Open Image, Save Image, Print, Undo, Redo, Cut to clipboard, Copy to clipboard and finally, Paste from clipboard. On the left panel of the window, you will find some useful painting and editing tool as Pencil (Which allows to draw only one pixel in the painting), Lines (Which allows to draw lines and curves and define the style and thickness of them), Paint Brush (Manual painting tool. You can configure brush size and shape, round or square), Eraser (Cleans any mistakes or remove any portion), Spray can (Spray paint effect), Copy Brush, Paint can (Paint the entire screen), Area Selection and movement (Similar to layer in photoshop), Text (With the text tool you can choose the font, size, how it is used e.g. bold, italic, or underlined), Shapes (You can insert ready formats, circles, squares, stars, hearts, moons, and various other forms through the tool), Color Filter (Opens color panel) and more.


The Color and effect filter tool will provide everything you need to modify an image. The bottom panel will show all the options. Since the adjustment of the color is right next door, divided into tabs: HSB brings the color balance, saturation and brightness, you can find in RGB color balance all divided into channels, in Contrast you can regulate the brightness or contrast for each color. Just click the Filter to choose the effect. You will find Oil Painting (oil painting), Blur(Blur), Sharpen (sharpening), Gray Image (black and white), and many more. Choose the intensity of the bottom of the box and click the arrow style Enter to apply.


HeliosPaint is a brilliant tool for those who want a portable and easy to do things most common image editors solution. HeliosPaint is a freeware tool works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download HeliosPaint


  1. I am not really sure what's the point of sharing those amature tools while they are "Almost" useless and nothing comparing to photoshop. Will you try focusing on "Real Applications" more?

  2. Ow, really? How many people knows to use photoshop and how many of them afford to pay that much money to buy photoshop? 

    For an amateur, these tools are like blessing. I am having easiest application and I can edit my images easily with these tool. Costs? NOTHING!

  3. I really enjoyed this application, it more simple and it's great! I recommend to download!

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