View/Organize Images Effectively & Make Simple Adjustment Using XnView

XnView is a combination of powerful picture browser and basic tools for editing images. Using this tool, you can browse and view your photo...

View-Organize-Images-Effectively-&-Make-Simple-Adjustment-Using-XnView-()XnView is a combination of powerful picture browser and basic tools for editing images. Using this tool, you can browse and view your photos, organize them into categories, look for details on any photo and do simple adjustments to make them look better. XnView is an excellent program to view and organize multimedia files. Moreover, its compatibility is extremely large, encompassing many different file formats. It brings very diverse options for you to organize. categorize and sort your images easily. Although image editing is not a very strong point for XnView, it brings only basic adjustments. Therefore, the program is basically for those looking for a good image organizer and viewer that can replace Windows’ default photo viewer. To edit a bit more advanced, you can use any of our previously featured PixBuilder, FotoSketcher or SharpShot. But as of a image viewer tool, XnView allows to you add several binary and grey-scale effect which is almost similar to my favorite retro vintage effect. You can also cut, crop, adjust hue/brightness, remove red eye, rotate image or even perform lossless JPEG tranformation with this tool. More to read.


After running the application for the first time, you will be asked to configure a few things like language, context menu, update frequency etc. Change those settings if needed and then click OK.


You will then be taken to the application’s homemenu which is pretty much like a normal file explorer. There are three different types of viewing mode in this app. You can view all your images as if in Windows Explorer leaving the Folders option selected. The second option, which is common for programs of this kind, is to give you a note to the images and then classify them easily finding your favorite photos. The last one is to view by categories. That is, you can only view drawings, photographs, icons, images or videos. That way you Filter the results of all files. Whenever you open an image, it will be opened in a new tab and all opened images will be aligned in tabs just like opened web-page in an Internet Browser.


Just double-click on an image to open or edit it. The editing options are very simplified, and you can, for example, adjust the brightness and color balance or remove red eye. On the toolbar of the program, you will also find different tools and are not limited to editing the image that is open. You can search for files, print, scan, convert, or do a screen capture from here.


From Image, you can adjust, map or rotate you image. You can also convert the image to Binary or Grey Scale of different label as well as to 32-bit or True-Color from here.


You can also add various types of effects to your image like Noise, Drop Shadow, Sharpen, Oil Painting etc. from Effect.


To enhance your experience with the program, you can change some settings in XnView. To do this, go to Tools and click Options. In Keyboard/Mouse you will see all the keyboard shortcuts of the program, which makes using it easier and faster for many people. You can also change those hotkey and assign your desired ones. Read/Write brings an absolutely huge variety of file types that you can make them compatible with the program. For example, if you check PSD to read and write, then XnView can save files in Photoshop.


Under Thumbnail, you will find options to change the default gallery viewing mode of XnView. If you want, you can select the option Use High Quality and make those thumbnail views more perfect. You can Use gamma correction on thumbnail images from here.

XnView is a brillant freeware image viewer and edtior tool works on all versions of Windows (including Windows 7, Windows ME, Windows NT and more). XnView also has Mac and Linux version under development.

Download XnView

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