TweakNow HD-Analyzer: Analyze Hard Disc And Find Out Which Types Of Files Are Using Most Spaces [Windows]

Can you imagine how much space you have in your Computer? 10 years ago, having 1 GB Hard Disc was more than day dream for Computer users and...

TweakNow-HD-Analyzer-Analyze-Hard-Disc-And-Find-Out-Which-Types-Of-Files-Are-Using-Most-Spaces-[Windows]-6Can you imagine how much space you have in your Computer? 10 years ago, having 1 GB Hard Disc was more than day dream for Computer users and now we have 500 GB to 1 TB or even 2 TB space in our HD! But after having so much space, it’s getting used real fast. Call it Murphy's Law or whatever, it is true that the bigger the HD has become, the faster it gets loaded full. Photos, videos, songs, games and applications are able to consume huge capacity of hard drives in a relatively short time since the computer became the main source of entertainment for many people. Even an average game of today consumer 8-12 GB space easily. Additionally, frequent use of PC can be enough for a hard disk getting filled with unnecessary files. Programs like TweakNow HD-Analyzer are essential today to map disc drives and track usage, e.g. which types of files are consuming the most spaces. This tool has a unique aspect comparing with similar tools we have featured previously like FilePro, OverDisk, JDiskReport or DiskSavvy – this tool can create file group/category with a number of different file types. Coming from the same developer of our previously shared  TweakNow PowerPack 2012, this tool provides an in-depth analysis of files/folders in HD. This tool has an easy and user-friendly interface to let you manage your HD. Although TweakNow HD-Analyzer does not create detailed graphs/charts which may be considered as a big negative point of the app. However, the developers themselves say the aim of the software is not the visual appeal, but the provision of necessary information as soon as possible. More to read.

To get started with TweakNow HD-Analyzer, download and install it first. Once installed, run the tool to start using. TweakNow HD-Analyzer automatically identifies and lists the hard drives and partitions of computer. You have to select one of this drives from Scan Drive to map files inside it. If you want to do an analysis of a folder, click Scan Folder and choose the desired directory. For quick analysis, there are folders like Documents, Music, Videos etc. are pre-defined for you.


TweakNow HD-Analyzer is also a source of information that brings many details of your disc, such as Serial Number, File System, Total Space, Technical Specifications and more. Those information is listed on the right panel of the app’s main window. Click on a drive to view corresponding information.

Once you have selected a drive or directory to scan, the scanning process will began. This process may take some time depending on total space and number of files/folders inside the directory.


After the scanning finishes, TweakNow HD-Analyzer lists the folders in largest to smallest order based on size. The list is on a tree view, meaning you can open each one to view also of its subfolders.


The main difference of TweakNow HD-Analyzer with other similar tools is it displays additional summary with different category of files such as Font Files, Document Files, Backup Files, Compressed Files etc.


From the Options, you can manage the file extensions to create groups.


TweakNow HD-Analyzer is indeed a brilliant disc tool for Windows to map files/folder of your Hard Disc. This is a full free tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download TweakNow HD-Analyzer

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