Archer’s Quest: Fight & Defend Your Kingdom With Arc In RPG Gameplay [iPhone Game]

Archer's Quest turns you into an advocate of real territories, bringing scenes and characters featured in medieval style. Your main weap...

Archer-s-Quest-Fight-&-Defend-Your-Kingdom-With-Arc-In-RPG-Gameplay-[iPhone-Game]-(1)Archer's Quest turns you into an advocate of real territories, bringing scenes and characters featured in medieval style. Your main weapon in Archer's Quest is a bow and arrow, which you must use very accurately calculating the correct angle and speed to hit the enemy who is standing across the landscape. The gameplay of the Archer's Quest is interesting and holds your attention for a while, because it is a fun hobby, in spite of everything. In any event, the negative characteristics are compared with many fewer positive. The graphics are an example of one of the points that could be very good, but that turned out to be weak. The environment designed as background Archer's Quest is pretty well established, as well as the characters that have well-designed clothes. The bow and arrow is also well designed, showing intricate detail of the instrument. However, the background does not change even once during the game - at least in this free version of Archer's Quest - even when the screen moves through your character to the enemy to show the whole picture, that changes in just a few small details.

This is another bad point that should be commented: Archer's Quest does not allow you to see the scene as a whole. So when the game starts, the screen becomes the enemy to you, to show the distance you meet him. You can try to approximate the interface pinching the screen with your fingers how many times you want, but anything will help. This makes it difficult when creating a strategy game, since you can not view the entire scenario to calculate correctly the angle and speed with which the arrow must be fired. Another intriguing feature is the difference in points is taken from you and the arrow when the opponent can hit the target. You can hit the same body part, but the player loses a life much less load than the enemy.


Thanks to this, you can be maimed, and even then, with just three shots from enemies, defeat the other character easily. This lack of equality makes Archer's Quest too easy and makes the game lose the challenges that the player should face. Background music is something that does not exist while the Archer's Quest games are happening. During the explanation of the history of the game and also while the menu is open, a soundtrack is played, but once the stage starts, the sound is cut. The sound effects are well represented and complaints of pain outlined by the characters when they are set. However, this is practically the only reaction that is shown, since they do not move when struck by an arrow, not even exhibit a different facial expression.


This makes the Archer's Quest a completely static. The only moving parts are the arrows and the camera shows when the distance between you and your opponent, since you can not even move to defend themselves or escape from the arrows. Not only that all these bad traits in the free version of the game, Archer's Quest still has a permanent banner ad at the bottom of the screen, making viewing difficult part of the scenario.The number of stages is extremely limited, reaching only five games before the application crash and ask for you to buy the game.

Each time you hit the opponent or when he can hit it, points are deducted from the life bar. If your load is over, you lose the match. The number of points taken vary depending on the body part is achieved. For example, if the player hits the enemy's head, surely the decline of life will be less than if he had just reached the foot of the person. That is, to perfect in sight is the best deal to emerge victorious in Archer's Quest.

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