How To Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) On VirtualBox Using Ready VM [Tutorial]

We previously covered a complete tutorial regarding how to run/emulate Android using android-sdk in Windows , Mac or Linux . That was a l...

How-To-Run-Android-Ice-Cream-Sandwich-(ICS)-On-VirtualBox-Using-Ready-VM-[Tutorial]-2We previously covered a complete tutorial regarding how to run/emulate Android using android-sdk in Windows, Mac or Linux. That was a long process but the result was awesome, finally got a fully working Android device on PC. If you do not want to go through that long process, today we are sharing another way to run Android on your PC using VirtualBox. We will be using a ready VirtualBox package of Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) in this tutorial. Although this is a real easy process taking only 3-4 steps it total, yet if you want to have the complete Android experience without having an Android device, you should try android-sdk. More after the break.

Firstly, you are going to need VirtualBox installed in your machine. For that, download VirtualBox (Link below)for your system and then install it. Then download Pre-Configured Android ICS VirtualBox files (Virtual Machine) and then decompress it. After decompressing the folder, look inside it for a file named Android-v4.vbox and run it.


Android-v4.vbox will then open in VirtualBox Manager. Highlight it and then click on Start.


On boot, choose Android Start from /dev/sda to start booting Android ICS. Now you should have a working Android 4.0 on you VirtualBox. It works just like an Android Tablet in virtual machine.


Although we have seen some problems (Like stopped working after a while, mouse not going on the right side etc.), it is a simple way to try Android on your PC.

Download VirtualBox

Download Android Ice Cream Sandwich Virtual Machine

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