GO Browser JAVA 1.50 Beta 1 EN by Reyad010

                                                     Java version is almost not been updated in a long time, this update is still Sony...


Java version is almost not been updated in a long time, this update is still Sony Ericsson models and models for s40 version, mainly reduced package submitted to address the many unusual aspects of the networking problem, for further support forum mode . Interface, made some minor adjustments, welcome java users to http://go.3g.cn/ download the updated version. 

GO Java1.5.0 Beta1 version update:

Function Improvement

Further reduce installation package size, reduce memory footprint.
Optimize the memory usage of the program. Uses less memory.
Sony Ericsson JP8 and JP7 combined models using the following version.
Improve the upload mechanism to solve some cases the problem can not be uploaded successfully.
Cmnet networking solution under slow, s40 mobile phone network cmnet not a problem (may be part of the phone has issues).
The process of solving open the page, to join with only 2 net pages open question.
Restore the shadow of connectivity options s40 is turned on.
Improve the support of the Forum model, add the Forum mode switch menu items and setting items.
Forum layout mode to solve the problem.
Resolution Forum page mode, medium and small fonts can not switch problem.
Improved URL address input box in the associative memory function, and to address some of the errors which had just occurred.
Address input box to add the search project.
Change the default search engine Baidu.
Enter the URL address to open the page, many will be automatically added at the time ": 80" issue.
s40 network optimization, to solve the network is not good, the program easy to crash.
Click Save Target address, the operating speed of response is sometimes very slow.

Interface Update

The icon for all shortcuts to change the color white.
Left soft key words that prompt use.
Home page text layout spacing some of the more compact.
Modify the startup screen, remove the recoil animation.
Remove the application, in addition to several other weather outside.
Resolution process to support a Web page changes the font.
Download the task is completed, the increase in the interface at the top of the prompts.
Solve the search engine Baidu and YY search icon confusion.

Problem solving

Solved using a search engine home page search results page can not enter the problem correctly.
Can not be used to solve the number keys "5" submitted to the search problem.
Solve many pages exist with the line about the typographical errors, some places should have a unified line was amended.
Solve some of the input box on a Web page fill the entire line of space.
Can not open some pages link to solve the problem (long-term is to establish a connection state).
Open the bookmarks in the address URL, history, open the URL in the same time will become just open the bookmark URLs of time.
When a bad situation to resolve network, networking, open a Web page easier to abnormal exit problem.
Part of the solution after the page jump page links to click on the wrong question.
Missing part of the solution to the content of web pages.
Open the Web page to solve a class of exception reporting connection errors.
Part of the solution between some text pages, text and picture layout on the same line between the irregular problems.
Part of the solution blank button on the page does not show the "submit" problem.
Web address radio button on the icon is not the right questions.
Address is not open full page preview into the multi-window interface, the address bar all the windows progress bar will show the problem.
Address from the home page / bookmark / history page open in the background screen immediately after the preview screen into multiple windows, all windows in the address bar will show progress bar problem.
Open the wap website address into the mobile tariff pages are sometimes problems.
Solve the google search results page, search results text display order the wrong question.
Improve the part of the E-Mail (QQ mailbox, the mailbox 163, 139 mailboxes, Sohu mail, etc.) page layout.
Part of the solution-mail Website (QQ mailbox, the mailbox 163, 139 mailboxes, Sohu mail, etc.) use of the function.
Shortcut to solve the C key can not be responding.
Sony Ericsson Open End Page solve the "shock or tone" prompt can not force the issue.
Solve the shortcut keys on the screen press the right soft key level did not return, but set the corresponding entry for the "C" of the problem.
To solve some of the page link as a whole, highlighting the time gap separating the middle background of the problem.
Some of the pages easier to resolve open issues a connection exception.
Forum posts published on the website address, then refresh the page to submit the issue will lead to duplication.
To resolve the # key or right-click menu on the menu, left / right soft key function of an error or does not work the problem.
Solve the problem of unsuccessful login QQ mailbox.
Resolution Forum page check box default value of some the wrong question.

1. GO Browser 1.50 Beta EN By Reyad010.jar
2. GO Browser 1.50 Beta EN by Reyad010.zip 

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