Symtweak v0.7(EN) Unsigned S60v3 Super Application

Program to configure unique settings smartphone. Each plug is a group of settings for a specific category. Each p...


Program to configure unique settings smartphone.
Each plug is a group of settings for a specific category.
Each plug-in and parameter is given more or less detailed description.
Please note that some of the settings in the system can be initially blocked.
To enable editing, select the additional item munyu Unlock and then restart the smartphone.
In this program includes the following plugins:
Management backlight

- The brightness of the display light on the condition that is not in use the light sensor. Values from 0 to 100 percent.
- The sensitivity of the sensor lights, which determines the brightness of the display. Values from 0 to 100 percent.
- Status of the sensor lights. Enabled - Disabled.
- Support for backlight when blocking, when a smart phone or keypad is locked.
- Backlight brightness when blocking, if enabled this option.
- Range of Light.
Turn off the light sensor must be on some smartphones to adjust backlight manually. On the N82 also includes a sensor off the backlight on full, the phone display lit bright as ever, while the brightness can not be changed
Management vibration
- Global status of vibration. On - Off.
- The maximum duration of vibration. Milliseconds.
- The minimum duration of vibration. Milliseconds.

Settings T9
- Moving to a new line of cursor movement down.
- Bust variations of words T9 movement joystick up and down.
- Enter a space after the word when moving the cursor to the right.
Please note that the actions of the motion do not work in all applications. That's how solve a specific developer. In systemic applications, all fully working
- Rewrote all the code shell for greater versatility
- Added devcert caps for use with a patch open4all
- Added an alternative way to unlock the settings. And now automatically unlock
- Rewritten plugins and plugin enhanced with new lighting options.

When you use the program you will reach only those parameters that are used in your system. If you lack any of the settings described here - it means they are not in your smartphone and do not work.
Updated to version 0.7....No changelog available
Added bleutooth plugin


-Bleutooth status
-Bleutooth MAC
-Extended support for headsets
-Work in autonomous dir.
-eSCO technology
-Device selection
-Bleutooth name
system Plugin SymTweak
Three points:
- Select the orientation of the default applications
- Activation of the central display captions on the joystick in the system of Man and the junior system and appearing click open applications.
- * Extract map * in menu, turn off the phone and memory card in the annex. In the shut down menu is removed only after the restart....


Symtweak v0.7

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