Android Collection-3 : Have You Tried This?

  A ndroid is a revolutionary mobile operating system now. As per I believe, it’s popularity is based on it’s application store. ...

Android is a revolutionary mobile operating system now. As per I believe, it’s popularity is based on it’s application store. There are almost infinite numbers of application available for Android. So it’s a tough job to find the best one. I have decided to to make some post about android previously and so I have already published two articles about “Android Internet Browser” and “5 Random Categorized Application”. So it’s the third post in this section.
Here I am sharing there top class android software to spice up your life and make something special. Don’t miss them.
The 1st One is “SHREDroid” which Wipes Traces Of Deleted Files From Internal Memory & SD Card. After it you will see “Remote Web Desktop” which is in fact a Remote Control Add-on. And at last, “IP Webcam” to Turn Your Android Phone Into Live Spy Webcam.


Deleted files leave behind residues that can be used to recover or reconstruct them. They aren’t completely removed unless the memory sectors that contain said residual remains are overwritten. Which means that the bookmarks, contacts and other private data that you delete from your mobile device are merely brushed under the rug and very much recoverable. SHREDroid for Android is a free, easy-to-use app that allows you to either manually remove all traces of deleted files from your device’s internal memory and/or SD card or set it to do so automatically after set intervals of time. That’s right. It’s like a simpler version of CCleaner’s Drive Wiper feature. More after the break.
The app lets you choose the time interval between successive automatic wipes. Once said background service is enabled, you can set it to wipe or “secure delete” only when your phone is locked. During our test-run on an HTC Desire Z running MIUI, the app took roughly 4 minutes to wipe both internal and external storage the first time around.
The app seems to do what it says. Hooking up our Desire Z to the computer and scanning its SD card with a free file recovery application (Recuva for Windows 7), we found it squeaky clean, without a shred of recoverable data.
As the app worked like a charm on the Desire Z, it is safe to assume that the EXT partitions / data2extscripts used in the other two devices might very well be the cause of said problem.


You can grab the app for free from the Android Market via the provided link or QR code.

Remote Web Desktop

Remote Web Desktop for Android has been around for a while now. Currently, the app’s developers are in the process of introducing a bunch of new features to the remote access and control suite and they have sparked it off with the release of a Remote Control Add-on. The add-on provides you with a live stream of your device’s display, allowing you to easily and fully control your device with your computer’s mouse and keyboard, as you would the interface of an Android device emulator. Once installed, the add-on can be accessed separately from within any Java Applet enabled web browser or from within the main Remote Web Desktop web interface. You must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 and above on your computer and root access on your device to run the add-on. More after the break.
To access the remote control add-on separately from within the browser, simply launch the Remote Control Add-on client fro your device’s app drawer, tap the Start Server button and enter the web address that appears above it into you browser’s URL bar. To access it from within the main web interface, launch Remote Web Desktop from the app drawer and do the same. You must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
Once connected, you can emulate almost all touch screen functions with your computer’s mouse, Record the live display stream, edit the device’s Clipboard (copied text) and scale down the size of the display (Options > Scaling factor). The hardware keys are emulated by your computer’s keyboard as follows:
  • Home: Home
  • Back: Esc
  • Power: End
  • Menu: F1
  • Track ball: Arrow/direction keys
  • Search: Any character key
This add-on is one of four expected additions to Remote Web Desktop, the other three being remote access to Contacts, Notes and device Settings. Currently, the app provides you with remote access to your Android device’s internal and external storage (File Explorer and FTP Explorer), the option to read/delete received SMS/MMs and sending new ones (Messaging), use your device as a Webcam,editing the device’s clipboard (Shared Clipboard), use your computer’s keyboard to enter text on your device (Wi-Fi Keyboard) and the freshly added remote control.


You can download both Remote Web Desktop and its Remote Control Add-on from the Android Market for free via the provided link or QR code.
Download Remote Control Add-on For Remote Web Desktop

IP Webcam

Thinking of turning your Android phone into a network camera? Yes, it is possible. Ip Webcam can turn your phone camera into a webcam and do tweaks like image quality, image size, and set login & password to secure it. On the top of all these features, no special player is required, you can preview video on famous browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.
Download IP Webcam from Android Market and run it. Main settings will appear on your screen with the camera preview on the background. Variety of image sizes are available depending on your camera resolution. Image quality can be adjusted as well (this is actually recording quality, the higher it is the more bandwidth it will take).
Scroll down to the bottom and hit ‘Start Server’ to get rolling.
If you set your resolution higher, it might get broken on certain devices and the application generates a notification because it might give you a scrambled, pixelated or a all green video. This totally depends on the model and camera resolution of your phone. If your Android phone has a 5 megapixels camera, you shouldn’t be facing such problems. Press OK to ignore the message and hit start server. On the bottom of the screen webcam server URL will appear, stating ‘server is running at
One of the bonus features is that a quick photo can be taken via Take Immediate Photo function.
A great free application to turn your Android phone camera into a network camera for either spying or simply using it as a surveillance camera.


Install IP Webcam from AppBrain or simply scan the provided barcode.

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