mSpot For Android : Now Take Your Music to the Cloud And With You Too

H ow many times have you just wished you had your full music library no matter where you were? Yes, you could store it on your phone or MP3 ...

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How many times have you just wished you had your full music library no matter where you were? Yes, you could store it on your phone or MP3 player, but those are limited in storage capacity, so if you have a large library of tunes you probably can’t take them all with you. You could use an on-demand streaming service, but those usually cost a subscription fee and may not have all of the music you own. The makers of mSpot don’t want you to have to worry about that, and today at Google I/O they will be unveiling their new cloud-based music service that will allow users to access their entire music library from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

The service works like most cloud-based file networks: Download a small application that runs on your desktop, syncing your music in the background as you add and delete music or create playlists. Your library, now stored in the cloud, can be accessed through a web interface that looks a lot like iTunes and is immediately familiar and easy to use. But the best part is the mobile app, which will give users the same access to their music library everywhere they go. It even takes advantage of Live Wallpapers to display your currently playing music.

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mSpot just added a new feature called Radio Spotter that finds more tunes to play music on Android phones. Based on the existing music stored in an mSpot account and played through the app, Radio Spotter finds Internet radio stations playing similar music that the user is more likely to enjoy. mSpot links to hundreds of radio stations and makes new suggestions as your tastes change. Radio Spotter continues to monitor listener habits and suggest new stations, but users also have the option of browsing Internet radio stations. That adds another listening option to mSpot, which also lets users create personal radio playlists based on an artist or listen to on-demand music of their stored MP3 collection. It can even mark radio songs that the user wishes to purchase, or mark a station as a “Favorite” to provide easy access at a later time.

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With all the fluff out of the way – lets dig into what’s new with the app/service. Visually, the app looks basically the same, with a minor tweak: radio has now taken the place of songs in the tabs that run across the top (there is an "All Songs" playlist now to take its place). Within the radio tab, there are a few options:

  • Suggested Station: It collects data from the music that you frequently listen to to create stations according to your particular taste in music.
  • mSpot Radio: Like the name states, these are stations created specifically for use with mSpot.
  • Internet Radio: This one offers a much larger selection of stations from all across the great wide internet.
  • Personal Radio: Stations that you’ve either created or listened to.

Watch The Video Below:


How does Radio Spotter work?

  • Put your music collection on the Internet: Go to and upload your music collection from your PC/Mac® into your own personal music locker in the Cloud. Now, you can access it anytime, anywhere from your Android or any PC/Mac.
  • Download the mSpot Music Android App on your phone. Your music will appear on your phone.
  • As you listen to your music on mSpot Music, the service will match the songs and artists you’re playing with similar music on hundreds of Internet radio stations. These stations will be available in the “Stations Suggestions” tab. The service keeps track of what you’re listening to and gives you new recommendations as the music you’re listening to changes.
  • Favorite stations can be saved for easy reference on the app homepage.
  • New songs can be flagged for future reference and automatically synced to their online accounts at for later purchase, through Amazon or iTunes music stores.
  • The “Browse Stations” tab offers an instant selection of Internet radio stations, which are always available through the service without matching songs to your own music collection. You can also search by favorite artists to find radio stations playing music by that artist, or similar artists.
  • Genres range from Alterative and Rock to Dance and Electronic, Pop, Urban, Country, Reggae, Latin, Jazz, Spiritual, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Youth, Bollywood, French and Canadian.


How mSpot Music with Radio Spotter Differs from Existing Music Services:

  • Unlike Pandora and Slacker; Play all of your own music alongside new music that is discovered on real radio stations: Your own music collection is the basis of all the new music you find and listen to.
  • Unlike iTunes; Store your music collection in the cloud so that you can always access it, wherever you are. Your music is connected to the Internet, so you can match your preferences to hundreds of Internet radio stations to discover and play new music for free.
  • Unlike subscription services like Rhapsody, MOG and Rdio; Listening is free. Match the music you already love with music playing on radio stations all over the Internet.
  • Unlike Cloud storage services like Amazon or Google; Listening is not limited to your own music, or music for purchase; your music now connects you to hundreds of radio stations.

Radio Spotter Beta is available in the Android Market for Android users, in the United States only; iPhone, PC/Mac and other internet connected device support will be offered later in 2011, along with new premium features. mSpot Music is available at for PC and Mac, in the Apple® App Store and Android Marketplace.

mSpot Music offers the following features:

  • Instant access to music collections from mobile, PC/Mac® and Web-ready TV.
  • Smart syncing across devices: No USB cords required; instantly syncs music from the cloud to user’s mobile; avoids playback interruptions.
  • Automatically exports playlist, metadata, cover art, and more from iTunes.
  • Continuous playback, even during spotty cellular coverage.
  • Airplane mode: play cached songs on the phone without network connectivity.
  • “Live Lyrics”: read the words to select favorite songs as they play on mobile.
  • “Streaming only” option for users who want to save all the storage on their mobiles for other media.


mSpot Music offers free cloud storage for the first 5 gigabytes (approximately 4,000 songs): Additional storage is available for purchase; 40 gigabytes for $3.99 per month.


Download it From Android Market

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