Pulse News : An Innovating Reader For Android

W ith today’s technology of smartphones, nightly news programs have become a thing of the past. Now android smartphones have the capability ...

Pulse News An Innovating Reader For Android

With today’s technology of smartphones, nightly news programs have become a thing of the past. Now android smartphones have the capability to bring you the latest news with just the flick of the screen. It’s not just local news, however. With RSS readers like Pulse, users can view news articles in any and every category they wish. In the following review, we will go over some of the details of one of the Android Market's most popular RSS readers.

It’s a beautiful application that makes browsing news from websites and social networks fun and engaging. Pulse takes your favorite websites (including Facebook) and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic. Tap on an article, and you will see a clean and elegant view of the story. Sharing a story via Facebook, Twitter or email is as easy as two taps. Pulse has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, BusinessWeek, TechCrunch and more. Experience Pulse today – you will never look at news the same way again.



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Pulse is an extremely useful and versatile news reader. It allows you to choose all of the content that you wish to view and displays it in a magazine style fashion. This makes it easier for you to find interesting and relevant news articles, as well as keep tabs on your friends on Facebook. You  will especially like the Facebook news feed “Friends’ Links.” This feature shows a feed which displays all of the links your friends have posted on Facebook. This is useful to see interesting links to new webpages that friends’ have posted which you would have otherwise missed.

Pulse Reader also makes it extremely easy for the user to add their own feeds which are not in the predefined list. In order to add Android Tap you only had to type in “www.abctrick.com”. You did not need to type in the address for the Feedburner RSS Feed. Pulse Reader also has the capability to pull in your RSS Feeds from Google Reader. This makes the transition much easier to use this program as your main news reading application.


Ease of Use:

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Despite being so feature rich Pulse News Reader is extremely easy to use. The application loads up a tutorial screen when it launches to show you how to change the content of your “news boards.” The entire interface is clean and simplified in order to make using the application as easy as possible for the user. This is one of the easiest news applications.



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The interface for Pulse News Reader is clean and visually stunning. The layout of the application is designed both with aesthetics and ease of use in mind. This makes for a great experience when interacting with this application. There are only two complaints with the interface.

The first is that it is too easy to accidentally exit out of the application. Many of the functions of the application such as the article viewer or the feed adding process require you to hit the back button multiple times to return to your main page of news. If you hit the button one too many times it exits you out of the application without asking whether or not you intended to leave the application. This can be very annoying when you had another article in mind to read and you have to scroll back down in the application to locate it again.

Then the second complaint is the way that articles are displayed when you go in to view them. If the article you choose to read is in a fully utilized RSS Feed, like Android Tap App Reviews, then the article formats great to view on your screen, loads quickly, and gives you a great reading experience. If the article was originally posted at a major news website like The New York Times, then the article will display only as synopsis since the major news corporation want you to visit their website in order to make money on advertising. Pulse News Reader does allow you to show articles on their native webpage, but the way this formats on your screen varies from news feed to news feed. This is probably a limitation which cannot be fixed by Pulse, but is a limitation all the same.


Frequently Used:

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This application is great because it allows you to take all of your news feeds and place them into a single viewer. Since you no longer need to use Google Reader or visit The New York Times homepage it cuts down on the time you would spend looking for news every day. As a result you can try using this application whenever you need to keep up on the latest news.


Additional Features

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Pulse is built in with multiple additional features. There are Facebook/Twitter/sharing buttons on each article, allowing you to share the latest news with your friends almost instantly.

Also built in, there is the (.me) feature. This feature has you create a personal profile to allow your articles to follow you. Should you want to read specific stories wherever you go, you can save them to view on Pulse's (.me) site. The articles can then be accessed from other mobile devices or the web. The (.me) feature can also connect you to your favorite articles through services like Instapaper, Read It Later, and Evernote.


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