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T he StreetPilot GPS combines satellite tracking technology with detailed electronic maps to bring Garmin navigation to your automobil...


The StreetPilot GPS combines satellite tracking technology with detailed electronic maps to bring Garmin navigation to your automobile. The safety and convenience of knowing where you are anywhere in the world, in any weather, 24 hours a day is as close as your dash. Garmin's first product designed primarily for the automobile contains a reference basemap showing Interstate, U.S., and State highways, plus rivers and lakes in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with main arterial streets shown in metropolitan areas. Optional MapSource® MetroGuide® U.S.A. CD-ROMs can be uploaded for street-level map detail and access to business listings and points of interest in your area. All you need to do is enter a street address or choose points of interest (such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations, banks, and shopping areas) and the StreetPilot will display it on a map along with your current location.

The StreetPilot features a high-performance twelve parallel channel GPS receiver for quick satellite acquisition and reliable signal reception, whether you're under dense tree cover or surrounded by high-rise skyscrapers. A large high-resolution four-level gray scale display offers razor-sharp images, even in direct sunlight—and with Garmin's new, three-level amber backlighting, navigating in low-light situations is easier than ever. Text and graphics are shown in large type for easy viewing with three-level backlighting for nighttime use. Six AA batteries supply sixteen hours of operation, or you can use an optional cigarette lighter adapter to power the unit. Either way, you can quickly transfer your StreetPilot to another vehicle for continuous pinpoint navigation.

Garmin StreetPilot has been released over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. The GPS/Navigation app joins a host of other voice navigation apps already in place for your Windows Phone such as Turn by Turn Navigation, GPS Voice Navigation and aSpass.

GarminStreetPilot (1)

Garmin designed their Windows Phone app to share similar features found on Garmin's Nuvi stand alone personal navigators. To minimize data needs, maps are downloaded for areas relevant to your planned route. Garmin StreetPilot also includes real-time traffic updates.


Additional features includes:

  • Voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions including street names
  • Real-time traffic updates included at no additional cost
  • Automatic map storage so you can browse maps you've recently viewed outside of data coverage areas
  • Speed limits for most major roads
  • Integrated Local Search
  • Millions of points of interest
  • Lane assist with junction view for complicated interchanges
  • Address book integration to navigate to contacts
  • Current weather conditions and forecast
  • Place calls directly from search listing
  • Navigate in both portrait and landscape mode

Garmin StreetPilot sounds and looks like a very useful navigation app for your Windows Phone. The downside to the picture is that there is no trial version available and the full version runs $39.99. It may be well worth the $40 price tag but it would be nice to have a trial version to let Windows Phone users a chance to take StreetPilot out for a test drive.


Garmin StreetPilot can be purchased here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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