Horizon33 Screen Capture Tool : Featuring 5 Modes, 3 Effects & Custom Outputs

T here are many Screenshot application available for Windows. Among them, this tiny, freeware application might have missed by your eye. I...

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There are many Screenshot application available for Windows. Among them, this tiny, freeware application might have missed by your eye. I too come to know about it today but it’s worth of a big place! Horizon33 is a screenshot tool that offers 5 ways in which screenshots can be taken; Capture Full-Screen, Capture Active Windows, Capture Region, Capture Object, and Capture Fixed Region. Just like previously featured Greenshot, which attempts to replace Windows default Printscreen function, it maps Printscreen function key with its full screen capture feature. Amongst all the provided features it’s offer,crop objects off the window and snap screen from defined area are most significant; the former feature allows user to quickly take snap of different UI objects from the interface of app window while the latter provides a convenient way to snap everything that falls into specified area on the screen. These features make it unique from the rest of screenshot taking applications available out there.

Coming back to other complementary features, it can apply Grayscale and Invert color effects over the captured image, while watermark and resizing options enable you to overlay image and resize captured images before saving them, respectively. You can also send captured image to default email client in order to attach it with emails. Furthermore, you won’t have to manually set Save to options every time before changing locations. It lets you easily switch between image saving options, including, Email and MS Office – Word, PowerPoint, Excel from Save Output menu in system tray.

After installation, it sits in system tray, waiting for you to either use pre-defined hotkey combinations or choose screen snapping modes from the menu. Along with screen capturing mode, you can choose output format and apply effects over the images on-the-fly from its system tray menu.


To configure effects, screen modes, output location and formats, open Settings window.  The General window lets you enable/disable capturing of mouse pointer and choose startup screen capture mode.  The Output windows deals with output format, file naming convention, and image format. Since Horizon33 doesn’t have an in-build image editor, you can associate any third party image editor for editing captured images.


Under Effects window, you can set watermark image and set its transparency level, tweak with default resize options, including, scale by percentage and width & height, and choose default color effects – Grayscale or Invert Colors.


The Hotkeys windows lets you view and change the default hotkey combination for each screen capturing mode. Before closing Settings window, make sure that hotkeys do not conflict with other global shortcuts.


The File Name and Dialogs windows allow you to change the default file name prefix, format, number of digits to be appended, and image quality, fixed region parameters for snap screen from defined region feature and to enable/disable screen magnifier, respectively.

When you want to take a screenshot, just use the hotkey combination of required screen capture mode. It will automatically apply effects, resize captured window according to defined parameters, overly watermark, and then save it at specified output location. You can see sample screenshot taken through Horizon33 below.


It doesn’t have option to capture Windows 7 Aero Glass effects. However, it has some unique options like, effects, Save to, and image resize, which make it a worthwhile screenshot taking application. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Main Features :

  • Can capture any part of your screen in as many as 5 ways.
  • Supports mini operations to capture an exact area.
  • Can Save images in 4 popular formats: BMP/JPG/GIF/PNG .
  • Add Effects to captured image (GrayScale,Invert,Resize,Watermark).
  • Many Outputs (Save to file , Save as , copy to clipboard , open with application , E-mail , Microsoft Office (Word ,PowerPoint , Excel) .
  • Hotkey for each capture mode.
  • Runs in the system tray area.
  • Include Mouse cursor


Download Horizon33


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