Speed Up The Shut Down Time in Windows 7 : Do it Manually Or Automatically

S ometimes you might feel that your Windows 7 is taking so long time to shut down. Well, it’s a regular problem and I am facing it now. So I...


Sometimes you might feel that your Windows 7 is taking so long time to shut down. Well, it’s a regular problem and I am facing it now. So I searched for a solution, found one and then apply it. It now, after testing for 56 boot ups, its working, actually working great, for me. So here I am showing you how. Windows may take long time to shut down. The usual reason is, it tries to save all of your data so that you might not loose anything. That’s why it take backup of every single processes before a shut down. That occurs “x Programs still need to close” dialog during a shut down. Isn’t it annoying? Thing about a single case, you are working with your PC and it’s not good enough to take a power failure. So you use a U.P.S. But an U.P.S will serve for a little time and you need to shut down your PC before it get down. So if it takes 5-6 mins only to shutdown, then, yeah that’s a horrible experience. So let’s learn how to deal with this problem. Here I will show you two ways. 1st is automatic One-Click action by a microscopic script (<400 Bytes). You can also step backward with another similar script. And the 2nd process is Manual. It is recommended if you can do it, to prevent any wrong move. So let’s go.


Using a REG File Download

1. Click here and download the file.

2. Open the .zip file and extract the .reg file to the desktop.
3. Right click the .reg file (On Desktop) and click on Merge.

Snapshot 60
6. Click on Run, Then press Yes, again Yes, and at last OK when prompted.

Snapshot 61Snapshot 62 

If you want to step back word and restore the Default Shut Down Time, download another file from here and do as above.


Manually in Registry Editor

1. Open the Start Menu and then Open “Run”.
2. In the “Run” box, type “regedit” and press Enter.

Snapshot 63

3. In “regedit” go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control 

Snapshot 64

4. In the right pane, right click on WaitToKillServiceTimeout and click on Modify. (See screenshot above)
5. Type in a number between 2000-20000 (2-20 seconds) and click on OK. (See screenshot below)
NOTE: The default time is 12000. I use 2000 (2 seconds) and have not had any problems. Your experience may vary.

Snapshot 65

6. Close regedit.
NOTE: If you have problems with programs from your computer shutting down to quickly, then repeat the above steps and increase the time (step 5) a bit.

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