UC Browser 7.8 : Review Of Java And Android

T here are a lot of internet browsers available for both Android and Java . So why we recommending you to use UC Browser ? Well there’s a...


There are a lot of internet browsers available for both Android and Java. So why we recommending you to use UC Browser? Well there’s a reason behind this. UC Browser is the most popular mobile web browser, that’s not something we have decided. That’s what users’ voted in “About.Com”. You got to love this browser. Recently, yesterday, they have released the latest version 7.8 for Android, Java, Symbian and Windows Phone. UC Browser combined web browsing, web searching, web navigating, downloading and other features. UC Mobile have focused on mobile browser field, and got a fulfilled technique accumulation. UC Browser has better URL inputting, page rendering, uploading and downloading, data compressing and more assistant feature than any other competitors. In About.com's 2011 reader's choice election, UC Browser has got most votes than Opera Mini, Firefox mobile, Dolphin Browser and Bolt. Try it and let it be your daily choice! This version comes with a few major and some minor updates. UC Browser is free to use and it’s ad free too. Java version still not satisfies me completely, but nothing to say about android version. It’s simply just amazing. Today we are covering Java and Android versions here. So join us after the break for more information.

Now let’s check what’s the best in UC Browser. It you let you to take control over your data use easily and powerfully. First of all, it’s dangerously fast (:P). Believe me folks, no other browser (At least I can guaranty you about Java and Android) will give you such a speed. It’s speed monster!

Previously, the biggest issue against UC Browser’s Java version was page rendering. As UC Developers have been focusing on this from the previous 3-4 versions, so it was improving. Now on 7.8, I can see no issue with wap/mobile site. But still I am not satisfied with the XHTML optimization. UC Browser yet need improvement here. As you can see you site preview as Web Version, it’s not looking like real one at all. But yet I have to say they have improved it again and it’s now looking 10 times better then previous version.

UC Browser 7.8  Review Of Java And Android (2)UC Browser 7.8  Review Of Java And Android (1)

It is not an issue in Android. Android version renders page awesomely and also supports for Java Script and Flash if plug in installed.

UC Browser 7.8  Review Of Java And Android (4)

One thing I should mention about UC Browser that it has a really powerful download manager. To download anything at the maximum speed, you have no alternate of this. Its supports multiple download at a time, Pause/Resume (if supported by downloading server).

UC Browser 7.8  Review Of Java And Android (6)s

Additionally it has a built in file manager too. You can do usual file management operation. Though its not as powerful as a stand-alone file manager, yet it will help you managing your files and arranging your downloads.


UC Browser has a unique sleek and user friendly UI. You will have 4/8 speed dials, Bookmark manager, dedicated Facebook tab and some useful site links in homepage.

UC Browser 7.8  Review Of Java And Android (5)s

It offers to control your data use through multiple settings. One is “Page Segmentation”. This option is very much useful for a device with a low amount of RAM. Page Segmentation means it will divide the whole pages into several part if it exceeds limit. You can set it 8k to 200k and no segmentation.


Other cool features are Download Block supports, User Agent Changer, Custom Proxy Server, WAP Access via server, Auto Refresh and Themes. Besides it also supports usual Internet Browsing features like inline edit, free copy and more. We don’t want to talk about it.


UC Browser 7.8 is currently available for Java, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Please visit this thread for download links.

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  1. Amazing java script: GO to any web page, clear the address bar, and paste 

    this:"javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true';document.designMode='on'; void 0" (without the quotes) and hit enter. 

    Feel free to edit whatever you want on the page.


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