Blog Summary Week 31, 2011 : 20 Featuring Post For This Week

S o as per you can see another week has passed and now it's time to make a summary of the previous. And with your help, we have grown ...

So as per you can see another week has passed and now it's time to make a summary of the previous. And with your help, we have grown further more. Thanks for being with us, and don't leave us please. Okay now let's know what happened this week in our blog. This week we got 40 more amazing posts and we have selected 20 (8 From Windows, 7 From Mobile and 5 From Internet & Other) of them as featured. Don't forget to read them all.



8 Skin Pack For Windows 7 Updated : Now With Mosaic & Metro UI

Previously we have shared Windows 8 customization Pack for a Windows 7 by hameddanger. It was a great tool indeed which changes from the boot menu to the shutting down (in a word everything) through a single click. Even I have used this for a long time. You can check my review fromhere. Now this too has been updated by the author with both 32-bit and 64-bit support. The biggest change is "Mosaic In Desktop" obviously which looks brilliantly like Windows 8. I definitely love this thing. Unlike other customization Pack, it allows a single installation which is simply great.

Create Up-To 10 Ubuntu-Like Virtual Desktop & Switch Between Them In Windows

Have you checked the 3-D Windows tab in Ubuntu? It is a great option to switch between multiple virtual desktops and also a cool one too. Now we are sharing Multi-Tabber here which can add up to 10 virtual desktop and switch between them immediately. Though it's not look like 3-D in Ubuntu, but it is a handy tool which can make your user experience with windows better and also help you to complete your tasks quickly and comfortably. Multi-Tabber is a small Windows software which will help you to add up to 10 additional virtual desktops. This is a useful tool for the people who always run many applications and sometimes they got busted with so many cluttered icons on system tray. So then Multi-Tabber can help them to arrange the running applications in a systematic way through some virtual desktop area and switch them immediately. The virtual tabs will appear just above the system icons on taskbar and will show numbers. You can switch by clicking on them. This can give your Windows PC a Ubuntu style work space-switching functionality.

Multi Commander is A Sleek And Perfect Replacement For Windows Explorer

If you're looking for an alternative for Windows Explorer, Multi Commander can be a good solution for you. It has both portable and installable package so you can make it as a perfect solution for home and workplace too. It is a tab-based file manager which allows you to choose either Windows Explorer mode or keyboard shortcut mode or your own custom mode. It has many regularly used buttons which makes it convenient for all users. You can apply basic file operation (like cut, copy, paste, rename, view, move etc.. The main feature which I like in Multi Commander is its auto unpacking/auto sorting files, customizable layout, search bar, FTP quick access and fast file browsing. It has more other features too, we'll discuss about it later. Multi Commander 1.10 contains over 180 changes according to the author, including a new Folder Tree feature, which adds a folder tree option to each of Multi Commander's two window panes. Also new in version 1.10 is customizable file colors based on the file name as well as a new column listing additional information from IMDB and for identifiable movies. So join us after the break for more information.

How To Enable/Disable System Tray Icon On Windows : Focusing On Registry

Yesterday one of my friends call me because the volume icon in the system tray of his PC has been disabled without any warning. So I have checked his PC. And I saw that everything is fine with the sound drive/Hartford installation. So I asked him what he have installed previously. And he said that he has installed a third party volume software and a craving for some time he found it useless. So he had uninstalled it and just after uninstallation, the volume icon has certainly been gone! I checked his registry for error and it seemed like everything okay to me. So I have decided to give the search for a solution, and after reading some softwares and tricks, I have decided to go through manual registry editing. And I had fixed this problem within a few minutes. I think I got the best solution for this problem. Without using any third party software to fix this (and create another problem) – it's better to do it manually. For those who don't have any idea about the registry editing, I have provided step-by-step, so you can do it easily.

How To Enable Or Disable Any Context Menu In Windows Easily Via ShellExView

If you are a pro Windows user or if you always try to check everything on your own, then you might install so many applications in your PC like me. Then you should already be used that most of the software is tried to embed on context menu. For those who don't know what is context menu, simply when you right click on the text of or on any folders/files, Windows show a box. This is the context menu. It's really very important and perfectly recognized context menu can make your usage more handy. Yesterday I was surprised to see that my context menu has become so long and feel the a lot of useless softwares. It was long list that I do not dare to go through manually editing registry keys as it may take a lot of time to clean this big bin of junk. So I decided to look for a handy context menu editor and after trying a couple of softwares, I found exactly what I was looking for. It's called ShellExView and It's brought to you by Nirsoft, the same software development Corporation of our previously shared CustomExplorerToolbar. This is a great tool indeed and I have completely cleaned all of the junks with only a few minutes. So if you're interested, then Read more after the fold.

Boost Internet And Manage StartUp Program With Advanced System Care on Windows

It is been said that IObit have used illegal contents in their "Security 360" software. I have also my own confirmation on this. They are stealing database from Malwarebytes (another anti-malware software). Anyway we are not going there. We are here to show you one of the greatest System tools ever (undoubtedly the best as free). This is "Advanced System Care". This offers a lot of vivid tools to maintain your PC and get the most of it. No offence, if you use this freeware application – you'll forget about the black sheet of Security 360. Today we're not going to talk about "Advanced System Care" either. We are only focusing on Internet Optimization and Startup management, which are integrated with this package. So let's join us after the break for more information.

CyberGhost VPN For Windows : Anonymous Private Browsing For Free

One of the biggest threat using Internet is undoubtedly privacy problem. Many of you must be searching for something that will protect you from privacy problem. This is because harmful websites attempt to log IP addresses for malicious purposes. As certain spyware applications and harmful codes require personal IP addresses to initiate attacks. Similarly, hackers try to use IP information in order to obtain home addresses, credit card information, social security numbers and bank account credentials. There are a lot of software/web service/VPN/proxy browser available to do this for you. But most of them are not suitable for everyone at all. Even they cannot be trusted too. And in most case, the trusted ones are not free – demanding a higher rate from you for protection. But there is a Windows software called CyberGhost VPN which will do this for free for you. This is a VPN service which is built for those users who just want to be secure, protect their data when connected in a public or untrusted network. The app gives you an offshore IP address and connects you to an anonymizing server to mask your real IP address and location, and then encrypts all of the internet traffic between you and the VPN service. CyberGhost VPN ensures that you are no longer transparent when surfing the net. If a CyberGhost VPN connection is activated all internet data traffic is routed via the annoymization server, No matter whether a browser, messenger, file-sharing client or incoming e-mail traffic is involved. There are very few trusted free software available for this case. So you should give a try the software.

Lion Skin Pack For Windows 7 : Best Way To Transform Windows into Mac OSX Lion

Have you read our previously featured "3 Ways To Customize Windows Like Mac OSX Leopard” yet? Do we have told you that those three ways of turning windows layout into Mac wasn't our favorite one. We have also mentioned that we are going to share the best way to completely change windows look into Mac soon. As promised, here is "Lion Skin Pack” for you. This skin Pack comes from the same developer of our favorite “8 Skin Pack for Windows 7”. In this introduction, we are only going to say that you are afraid of using themes/skin Pack on your Windows because it might turn your PC slow – then you should at least give it a try to this pack. We have tested it for almost 4 days and seen that it cost so little memory reduction that can be neglect able. Also, we have tested Restart Time before and after installing this skin Pack and we can't find any significant change. We are thrilled to share this with you. Join us after the break to know about this amazing thing.



[Case Study] Download Manager Comparison Chart For Java And Android


Stream And Download Media From Your PC To Android Through Wi-Fi Via Emit

If you are tired of connecting cable from your Android device PC each and every time you want to stream or download any media (i.e. photos, videos, music etc.) , then it's time for you to check the new software Emit. It is a real-time media" encoder, streamer and downloader that will allow you to play/new media directly on your Android phone over Wi-Fi. Transferring files via Wi-Fi seems to be the future as it doesn't have wires so you don't have to pull the plug and unplug it again. All media contents will be streamed directly from your PC (whether it's Windows, Mac or Linux – it supports all) without using your phone's own storage. Anyway you can also download time for off-line viewing. Emit is a great software indeed to access in your media files stored at your PC. If you are not familiar to this yet, then read more after the fold.

Android Rapid Snap : Alt Drawer–Try A New App Drawer

Do you like changing their mobile phone's behavior and Outlook often? Then you might be involved of the same user interface of android's default app drawer. There are so many third-party apps available for android to change the whole user interface as your will. So what's better in our today's app? This application is designed for those android users who prefer to customize their phone at a mandatory level. Unlike our previously shared LauncherPro, GO Launcher – this software provides only the basic and simple options to the users so that they can manage their apps in a clear, simpler and a better way. The drawer replacement will allow you to display the programs in a grid array, a list array, use different layouts and animations, and much more. More after the fold.

Limit Your Call Pro For Android : Control Your Call By Hanging Them Up On Time

Are you looking for some tricks that can help you to limit your call timer on android device? Do you have to make unnecessary calls every now and then and loss your balance credit significantly by this prolonged calls? Then maybe "limit your call pro" can help you control over your call timer. This application is available on the market for free. This will allow you to put multiple restriction over your phone calls timer/duration and it will notify you when you're running out of time. This works like low-and Nokia phones which have call timer. But this is an unique solution for android because it can limit your all-time and obviously it's going to save your credit as well as time too. This will help you to get rid of unwanted long calls. It offers perfect accuracy on call timer and you can set the duration whatever you want.

Create Shortcut And Launch App In Different Language With Localized Apps For Android

Have you ever tried to launch every single that is on your Android device with its own different language. Let's think about something, you are using your launcher application in France while the system language is in English. Isn't it worth of trying? This customization is now possible with localized App for android. This has been developed by an XDA-Developer member thiagolr. This localised app can be a quick solution for those who wants to have their different software in different languages. You can assign different language in different applications and then create a shortcut at homescreen for quick lunch. When you exit the application, you will be automatically back to the default device language. These great app will allow you to create shortcut and choose language for each shortcut. This is extremely useful for those people who like to use their phone in different purpose with different languages. The app allows you to place multiple shortcuts for different apps on your home screen, each set up with a different language. Till now, the software supports English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese etc. join us after the break for more information.

Android Rapid Snap : Phantom Music Control Brings Cool Music Controller Buttons

If you are a music lover, then the most important thing perhaps you want on your mobile phone is dedicated music controller button. Most of the Android phones do not even have even a single button, so how do you expect dedicated music controller? So, are you going to throw Android away? Well, you should know that android has the biggest store of different apps/widgets. This will allow you to do whatever you want with your phone. Like here is a widget called "Phantom Music Control" for android which will create auto-hiding music controller buttons even on your lockscreen. This widget provides various skins which can create variation on your music experience. This cool widget is available for free on android market. And it can be integrated with mostly used players. So let's join after the break for more information.

Android Rapid Snap : Do It (Tomorrow)

Technology meant to be everywhere in our life. We can now carry our world with us to the furthest corner of the world. There is no place for compliancy at all. Passing life is now simple and easy. We don't have to keep a long list of appointment, it is also touched by technology. There are many ways to keep our task digitally. If you're having an Android device, then it might be even simpler for you. There are so many apps available for this job. Among them, we have decided to review an awesome one called Do it (Tomorrow). This is a to-do app with a very nice and simple and also easy to use layout. This is a great way to keep your task in a clear format. With  Do It (Tomorrow), you can just flick all of your tasks to tomorrow's list. Do it (Tomorrow) makes planning (and pending) tasks fast and convenient, even enjoyable. We have tried a couple of android app for this purpose and is found this one is the best. So join us after the break for more information.


Internet And Others

Add A Progress Bar On Firefox To Show Page Loading Status

Firefox is definitely the most powerful Internet browser. It's the most famous browser too. The best thing of Firefox obviously is its add-on support. It really has a big store of plug in which can make something unusual actions. If you are an opera fan, and definitely you have missed the Progress bar over the loading tab of Firefox. You should now be happy because there is an extension available for Firefox which will show progress bar while loading a page. Browsers have long since done away with status bars in favor of progress circles. What these circles tell you is that the page is loading what it doesn’t tell you is how much of the page has loaded. In other words, when you use your browser, you just know that it’s doing something but you don’t know how much longer it’s going to take to get that something done. Progress Bar On Tab is a Firefox extension that brings back the status bar but positions it on the tabs rather than as a complete bar at the bottom of the window so that it serves its purpose but does not take up any space. We have found it very interesting and useful too, so here we are showing this amazing Firefox extension.

How To change/disable The New Facebook Photo Viewer & And Switch To Classic One

Facebook had changed their photo viewing style quite a few days ago. Yeah it's true that this gives a huge relief for some members. But a part of this, to display pictures through this new viewer - it had to load a lot of Ajax which makes it slow sometime. And if you don't have unlimited bandwidth or if your Internet connection is slow than you might like to switch back to the previous photo viewer which will be handy for you. I think Facebook is going to disable this feature or at least side-by-side at the previous feature because of poor user of response. But yet you can switch to previous photo viewer by following some tricks. It's not so hard to be done. So let's get back and do it now.

Brilliant Examine ! Funny Exam Photos

Enough serious tech discussion! Now let’s have some fun yaar…. Here’s some really cool funny exam photos for you which will surly give innocent (!) relaxation to your mind. Credit for collecting this photos goes to UC Forum member Sat2tayade.

Check Popular Image/Video Shared By Your Facebook Friends Via Pixable

Are you a Facebook fan, or like someone who spent a lot of time daily on Facebook? If yes then you might have a lot of friends and obviously a lot of feed update by friends too. Sometimes then you might feel it difficult to browse and view all photos/videos uploaded by your friends. So you might need to saw the popular media only. This is what Pixable will do for you. It will categorizes photos and videos from Facebook in different subject such as popular this week, popular this month, best of the day, new shared videos and many more. So it might come handy for you to stay in touch with your friends easily. This is an web service which collects feed from your Facebook account and display the most important media in front of you. You can also give a like, comment on the photo, see who is being tagged there, and also share them to Facebook/Twitter or via e-mail. However it won't let you see status updates or other feed updates. But yet it's worthy of giving a try.

Use Ctrl+Tab Keyboard Shortcut to Switch Between Active Tabs On Firefox

One of the default and most used Windows shortcut is Alt+Tab. We use it to switch between active windows. Guess about such a keyboard shortcut which will allow to switch between open browser tab like active window switcher. If you're using Firefox by Mozilla (or any other Firefox-based browser) than there is an add-on which will allow you to switch between active tabs simply by pressing Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut. This is a handy tool for those power users who like to browse Internet, spend their time virtually. This add-on will make it easy for you to get connected with a everywhere.

This add-on is quite simple to use and to maintain. You do not have to follow any extra rules do not have make any changes to your browser. Simply download that and install it to Firefox from the link provided below. After then you will be automatically integrated to Ctrl+Tab switching mode.

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