How I promote My Coupon Blog Using Facebook & Twitter

If you are the type that logs in to your Facebook and Twitter account at least twice each day, permit me to say that you are addicted to s...

If you are the type that logs in to your Facebook and Twitter account at least twice each day, permit me to say that you are addicted to social networking sites. Facebook and twitter, apart from being the two most popular sites that allows you to keep spending your time meeting and sharing with friends, they can also serve as a lucrative medium to promote your blog.

Ask me how. I’ve been blogging for quite some years now, even before twitter and Facebook became so important in the lives of internet users. Since I discovered the power of social networking over blog promotion, I’ve been using it to increase traffic to my coupon blog that features weight watchers discounts and ediets coupons. And here’s how I do it below.

I only make friends with people that are business minded

Being on Facebook and twitter for an average of two to three hours daily, I’ve been able to study a lot of these social networking site users and their motivations. Some are there just to kill time while others are there to network with people.

If you are adding people on your social circles for the sake of promoting your blog to them latter, you might need to know that they are the right audience for your blog. You can determine the value of people you are making friends with by taking time to study them, what they share or tweet about and how active they are.

I offer useful tips by sharing them with my friends

After getting business minded users to follow me (which I keep doing), I don’t want to give them the impression that I don’t know what I’m doing. These people are going to be smart people in need of informative ideas. The first tweet or share you are going to be delivering may determine what their reaction would be to you whenever you share anything concerning business and blogging.

To make sure I give my friends and followers a good impression of my coupon blog, I only share tips that are informative, well-thought and well-researched.

I occasionally link back to my coupon blog on Facebook and Twitter

Linking back to my coupon blog on Facebook and Twitter has actually helped me in many ways. Linking back to your blog is a great way to reap good traffic from your social media networking pages. You can do it lets say once every two weeks.

Doing it regularly or too frequently may be considered as spamming and people may start un-following you for doing so. You can ask your friends on Facebook some questions and put a link to your blog telling them to get the answer from it.

I share latest post from my coupon blog

I share my latest blog post on my Facebook and Twitter wall. This is to make my friends become aware that a new post has been published on my blog. Some of them will probably click over it to come to my blog.

Follow the tips that I’ve shared above, and you’ll notice that you can actually increase your blog traffic by leveraging social media.

John Edget is a blogger who shares tips on blogging. He also features the best discounts coupons for weight watchers and ediets on his coupon blog. You can check his weight watchers promotion code and ediets coupon code blog.

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