Strimz’s Official Client For Android & iOS Let’s You Stream Live Video On Your Facebook Wall

Strimz is a well know Facebook web app that, as well as letting you to stream or broadcast live video to your Facebook Wall, also make a re...

Strimz’s-Official-Client-For-Android-&-iOS-Let’s-You-Stream-Live-Video-On-Your-Facebook-Wall-ThumbStrimz is a well know Facebook web app that, as well as letting you to stream or broadcast live video to your Facebook Wall, also make a record of every streaming session which allows you to replay it another time. You can stream videos for as long as you would like to do so. Every recording will be saved as a post form that you can use to share, like or comment. If you’re an Android or an iPhone user, then there’s a good news for you here. Strimz has now official Android and iOS appication available on the iTunes App Store and Android Market. Just like the online app itself, the mobile client also allows you to stream live video from your device’s camera to your Facebook Wall. More to read.

Strimz has some features that available on other niche app, but Strimz actually brings a rather whole new idea in the field. Strimz streams videos to the most popular social network on the internet. The app is good for whenever you’re at an incident (like a wedding or a birthday party) and wish to share a live read of the proceedings with Facebook friends who couldn’t create it.

Strimz’s-Official-Client-For-Android-&-iOS-Let’s-You-Stream-Live-Video-On-Your-Facebook-Wall-3  Strimz’s-Official-Client-For-Android-&-iOS-Let’s-You-Stream-Live-Video-On-Your-Facebook-Wall-2 

In order to begin using Strimz on your device, you will have to authorize it to access your Facebook account first. Once you have done that, the app takes you to its homescreen from where you'll begin streaming by either tapping Click To Start or the Go Live button. to change video settings, just tap on the small tools icon which located on the top-left corner of the app’s screen. This screen allows you to setup the FPS  (Frames per second), Resolution and Quality of video, or switch between Front and Back camera.

Strimz’s-Official-Client-For-Android-&-iOS-Let’s-You-Stream-Live-Video-On-Your-Facebook-Wall1  Strimz’s-Official-Client-For-Android-&-iOS-Let’s-You-Stream-Live-Video-On-Your-Facebook-Wall

As mentioned earlier, every video that you simply stream will be recorded and remains saved as a post on your Facebook Wall, even after you decide to tap the Stop button.

Strimz is available for free in Android Market and iTunes. Strimz needs Android OS 2.2 or later and iOS 4.0 or later to run. Strimz’s Android version need Adobe Air runtime to run. Download link for all provided below.

Download Strimz For Android

Download Adobe AIR For Android

Download Strimz For iOS

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