Boost Usability Of Start Menu Using Customizable & Easy Start Menu 7 For Windows

Although I like the Start Menu of Windows 7 and me personaly don’t have any reason to change it either but there are many people who likes ...

Boost-Usability-Of-Start-Menu-Using-Customizable-&-Easy-Start-Menu-7-For-WindowsAlthough I like the Start Menu of Windows 7 and me personaly don’t have any reason to change it either but there are many people who likes the Windows XP like start menu. It’s not so ease for a Windows XP fan to suite with this one. Also many people thinks Windows 7’s start menu isn’t well polished and not very useful (Agreed). So to boost the usability of Windows 7 start menu and to make it perfect for power user, Start Menu 7 is a good solution. Start Menu 7 will change Windows 7’s start menu and replace it with a new powerful one. Start Menu 7 is a modification of the solutions available out their for boosting start menu performance. The software completely reorganized the look of the Start Menu to make it more attractive and more efficient organization and full of additional features. Those who are already accustomed to the look and functionality of the Vista Start Menu will feel easier with the appearance of Start Menu 7, which is an appeared to be an evolution of its concept. More to read.


To get started with Start Menu 7, first download it and then install it. After installing the application, run it once to activate the change. At first sight, you might feel that the changes are made to favor the quick access to any program on your computer, either through mouse or keyboard. Another big difference is in the form of file organization of the system, where it will be divided by categories and alphabetically in Start Menu 7. For those who usually use keyboard to select the programs you use the keyboard, more good news – the program will divide the menu in various parts by number, making it easy to access. That is, instead of navigating through the options via the arrow keys, just press a few numbers to quickly access the desired program or document.


There’s even more to customize for you. Go to Options from the system tray icon, you can change the font size (increase it or decrease it) from Scale for better readability, Enable Viral Groups to enable grouped option like System, Graphics, Games etc. and change the theme from Skin.


If you are the type of person who likes to test different things while using the computer, then it Start Menu 7 is one of the apps you should try. The simplified interface allows better access to system functions without making it real hard to find the right one. Start Menu 7 is available both as free and paid ($19.99) version and Works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2003.

Download Start Menu 7

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