Create Hash Values For Files Or Encrypt/Decrypt Text With Base64 or AES Encoding Using inCrypto

inCrypto is a small portable tools which intends to make your important documents safe and encrypt for Windows . inCrypto is designed to enc...

Create-Hash-Values-For-Files-Or-EncryptDecrypt-Text-With-Base64-or-AES-Encoding-Using-inCrypto-(4)inCrypto is a small portable tools which intends to make your important documents safe and encrypt for Windows. inCrypto is designed to encrypt and encode text messages and values ​​also generate hash for miscellaneous files. It allows Base64 encoding and AES encryption. inCrypto also offers the option to generate hash values ​​for any file type. Hash is like the identity of the file. Through it, you can compare two or more files for modifications. Any changes made ​​within it – even a single character will completely dispose the whole file or show a different other file. This is essential in detecting improper or even corrupt information during data transmission. Base64 is the encoding method used to transfer data via the Internet, which serves only to text. AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) is the standard method used the United States. It works with 128-bit rate and requires a security key for file protection. Only those who have is that this password will have access to the content. More to read


The File Hashing allows you to create hash values for any types of files. Four values ​​are generated for each file: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and CRC32. You just need to click on Browse and select the desired file to create hash value.


Base64 Encoding allows a message to be encoded. Simply paste the text in the field specified by the program and click the Encode. The same goes for decoding. Just paste the text encoded in Base64 format and click on Decode. It also allows the import and export of plain text files (TXT).


AES Encryption is used to encrypt a file or a text with a Keyword. It works like a Cypher/Cipher [a cipher (or cypher) is an algorithm for performing encryption or decryption – a series of well-defined steps that can be followed as a procedure (Wiki)]. Like the previous option, you paste the text in the specified field and click Encrypt. Here it asks you to add a key AES Password, so that the file can be viewed correctly in the future. As in previous option, it also allows importing and exporting text files.

In our tests, inCrypto performed all tasks without any problem. The text encoding worked perfectly. The application also generated the hash values ​​of files tested accurately. As in bottom-line, inCrypto is a simple yet useful freeware portable encryption and decryption tool by  that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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