Customize Android Lockscreen With More Then 80 Themes Via MagicLocker Main

With the MagicLocker Main you gain the ability to fully customize the lock screen of your Android , changing the interface, how to unlock an...


With the MagicLocker Main you gain the ability to fully customize the lock screen of your Android, changing the interface, how to unlock and even placing shortcuts on the screen itself. The ease of set up everything in MagicLocker Main is the great advantage of the app, you do not have to follow long steps to give your Android a beautiful and elegant Lockscreen. And best of all, is it only takes a few seconds to apply all changes. The availability of various types of themes is also a plus point for the MagicLocker Main, since it can match the style of any person, and to adapt to everything one needs, with different shortcuts and customization possibilities. More to read.


To change the theme and interface of your Android via MagicLocker Main, open the Main tab and select the Themes. You will get pre-installed theme that came packed with this. Select the theme and apply it. If you do not enjoy the style, you can even choose one out of more then 80 different themes available in the Market. You can find the themes through the MagicLocker Main itself, and so browse install new themes from MagicLocker Main directly.

Customize-Android-Lockscreen-With-More-Then-80-Themes-Via-MagicLocker-Main-(1) Customize-Android-Lockscreen-With-More-Then-80-Themes-Via-MagicLocker-Main-(5) Customize-Android-Lockscreen-With-More-Then-80-Themes-Via-MagicLocker-Main-(7)

The MagicLocker Main also allows you to customize some functions like changing shortcuts and preferences. Thus, the application can be even more useful for your needs.

Of the many positive points, the MagicLocker Main only fails in a few respects. It is quite annoying to install each and every theme one by one and still have to install the themes within the app after it is already in the gadget. Another thing that bothers me is the excess of application icons on the screen generated by the app. Even if you have only one theme installed, it will feature three of the menu shortcuts: one for the app, to other settings and one for the theme. Apart from this, MagicLocker Main is a cool application to try out.

Customize-Android-Lockscreen-With-More-Then-80-Themes-Via-MagicLocker-Main-(4) Customize-Android-Lockscreen-With-More-Then-80-Themes-Via-MagicLocker-Main-(6) Customize-Android-Lockscreen-With-More-Then-80-Themes-Via-MagicLocker-Main-(8)

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  • Shortcut Customization
  • More Theme Customization(like position,alpha,skin,show/hide somethings)
  • Activate phone, SMS ,Camera and other shortcuts directly from lock screen;
  • Good compatibility with other Launcher
  • Support customize wallpaper.
  • Support customize date format
  • Support system security pattern (settings->Location and security->Set up screen lock. For HTC: Settings-> Security->Set up screen lock)
  • Block Home Key
  • Support to enable/disable volume rocker wake up screen
  • Support to send Email, mak phone call, open URL ect. directly on lockscreen.

MagicLocker Main works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free at Android Market.

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