Focus On Task Using Adobe Air Based Time Management Application Called Focus Booster

Focus Booster is an application designed to mark time intervals with break support, the technology that works on almost all platform as deve...

Focus-On-Task-Using-Adobe-Air-Based-Time-Management-Application-Called-Focus-Booster-Focus Booster is an application designed to mark time intervals with break support, the technology that works on almost all platform as developed with Adobe AIR, very simple and easy to handle. Focus Booster is a beautiful and simple alternative for those who need to measure the time and set fixed time for a task to be done, after all has a tool that supports editable and pauses. In addition, the program offers extra features such as the ticking of the clock, the feature  of sounding an alarm on each scheduled interval, reduce the size of the bar that marks the time and still keep it overlapped with other windows open on your desktop. Not only the variety of resources, the program exudes modernity in its look, something characteristic of applications developed with Adobe AIR. Continue to read more.


This is a beautiful program with brilliant elegant user interface and supports configurations to best suit your usage needs. Before starting a session, you can configure it to save time (literally!). To get started with setting up custom time management profile, click on info icon. In the settings menu, you can perform the following settings: Session Length, duration of the break, enable/disable the sound of the ticking of the clock as time goes on, enable/disable alarm issued at the end of each session or break and ultimately determine whether it should always appear in front of other windows or not.


After making changes, do not forget to click the Save to ensure your settings are applied and everything works according to your schedule. Done it all, now you can return to their duties and to allow time to pass that in the interval of minutes programmed, you are alerted to a new break or to end the session.


The timer bar is great and if you choose to leave it top of the other open windows on your desktop, then you can make it smaller even. Just press the button next to Minimize icon to do so.

Focus Booster runs on Mac, Windows and Linux system with Adobe Air installed.

Download Focus Booster

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