Organize Your Desktop In An Orderly Manner & Tidy Up Windows Using Stardock Fences [Featured]

Regular Windows users must get to have a lot’s of shortcuts, files and documents in their Desktop regularly and he got to organize or delet...

Organize-Your-Desktop-In-An-Orderly-Manner-&-Tidy-Up-Windows-Using-Stardock-Fences-[Featured]-(10)Regular Windows users must get to have a lot’s of shortcuts, files and documents in their Desktop regularly and he got to organize or delete those things from desktop daily otherwise his desktop becomes clustered and messy in no time. If you are a power Windows user, then surly you feel this problem and waste a lot time daily. Putting important shortcuts of files on desktop gives easy and instant access to your important data so it’s a good point of putting them in desktop. But lot’s of ‘thems’ in desktop will make it like a disaster just went over it. For those users who regularly face this problem, Stardock presents a brillant application called Fences. As stated by the developer, Fences was created in order to be compatible with most of today's computers, without burdening the system and shows no display on your desktop. Even with such a modest proposal, the result is magnificent, extremely functional, and without a doubt, beautiful. From my experience, Fences is a easy to use and simple yet powerful tool to organize your files in desktop in a classy and arranged manner and give you a pleasure of use and view. More to read.


Fences, an innovative free program from Stardock's, promises to put an end to this mess, organizing all of your content intelligently distributing it in limited areas and separate, always ensuring easy access and total control of your space! To get started with Fences, download and install it first. You then might need to restart your PC to fully install Fences. Once you are done, run the app.

If you do not have the slightest idea of organization and is afraid to leave your desktop even more messy when using Fences, let him it care of it all! It includes several templates (patterns, layouts) ready, where you only need to position the desired icons. It is the easiest and fastest way to distribute everything in its place. You only need to make several categories and put your files/shortcut under the desired one’s. Then just drag and drop them to organize or select one of the available readymade layout available and you are done!


First of all, you need to create category with some (or even one) shortcut. To do so, select those files/shortcuts by holding right button of your mouse and then click on Create new Fence from these icons. Then put a name for that category from the next window and hit Ok. Done! Now create as much category as you want and then put all files and shortcut in them.


Now you may like to organize the layout of those category. To do this, right-click on the Desktop and select the Configure Fences. At the settings screen, you can re-edit the patterns of organization, change the display of the descriptions (labels) and also color their tables of organization the way you think best, and leave them more or less translucent. With everything in place, click again right on the desktop and select Lock Fences to lock them in their proper positions, avoiding accidents in time to relocate the files.

If you try to better visualize your desktop without the presence of Fences (or perform a clean screen capture, something that can be done by the program), just double click the left mouse button on any white space (containing only the wallpaper) on the screen. All spaces from Fences will disappear immediately, don’t worry though as they're just hidden. To restore them to their proper positions, just repeat the action means again double-click on desktop. If necessary, apply custom settings to your icons, so that those selected to remain always visible.


Whenever you change the screen resolution, Fences automatically recognizes the change, redesigning spaces to preserve the same format and distribution for the icons. If you frequently change resolution, navigate to the More Tools from Configure Fences>Tools and enable the first option. What it does is record independent positions for each selected format. Ideal for those using two or more monitors. From this menu, you can also turn off the program or reset the desktop automatically.

Stardock Fences is available as both free and pro version and works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download Stardock Fences

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