Play FLV, WMV And Other Well-Known Video Files Without Conversion In Android With RockPlayer

Although being extremely popular, 3GP and MP4 formats are not the most common video as WMV, MPG, FLV, RMVB and a number of other extensions ...

Play-FLV,-WMV-And-Other-Well-Known-Video-Files-Without-Conversion-In-Android-With-RockPlayerAlthough being extremely popular, 3GP and MP4 formats are not the most common video as WMV, MPG, FLV, RMVB and a number of other extensions whose are much easier to find. To watch these video files on your Android phone, would usually need a video converter on your computer and much time spent changing files. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. The Rock Player supports playback of all major video formats - including some not so common as MKV and TS - thanks to the FFmpeg decoder.

In addition, the audio encoding is also supported for a wide range of formats, thus ensuring the full experience of watching videos even on a mobile device. Getting the ability to show subtitles, which in addition to displaying the text accompanying the video lets you choose the size and color of the letters and marking of time that a given file was stopped, and RockPlayer shows that Android may even become a central portable media.

Play-FLV,-WMV-And-Other-Well-Known-Video-Files-Without-Conversion-In-Android-With-RockPlayer-(1) Play-FLV,-WMV-And-Other-Well-Known-Video-Files-Without-Conversion-In-Android-With-RockPlayer-(2) Play-FLV,-WMV-And-Other-Well-Known-Video-Files-Without-Conversion-In-Android-With-RockPlayer-(3)

Harnessing the power of Android phones and the power of open source software, the application facilitates to the consumer of movies, series and other audiovisual archives is always accompanied by some nice content. By removing the need for a converter and also allow the use of subtitles, RockPlayer is one of the best options for replacement of the standard Android player.

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  • How to keep RockPlayer up to date?

    Usually Google Market or 3rd-party market will notify you. RockPlayer has built-in updates checking as well, please go settings and click "Check Updates". Once new version downloaded, there is a notification on top status bar, scroll down the bar and click it to install.

  • How can I get supports?

    Feel free to drop us an email, we have put a "suggest" button in settings | About dialog, clicking it will bring out email client with reciever filled.

  • Where is my media files?

    You need put video files onto device storage, usually it is SDCARD. RockPlayer starts up with a file browser, you may explore file system just like any other file manager to find media files. By default, RockPlayer think /sdcard is root folder, if your phone has huge built-in storage or simply doesn't mount storage at this folder, please go settings and change "Root Folder".

  • Can I play video over network?

    Yes, of cause. You may click the hyper link pointing to the video or enter the URL in browser to launch RockPlayer.

  • Browser doesn't show download option after RockPlayer installed, how can I download?

    Please long press the hyper link in browser and see if there is an option like "download the link".

RockPlayer is a free media player alternate for Android and works on Android 1.6 or later.

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