Transform You Window To Mac OS X Lion With A Few Clicks Using Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3

If you ask me what is my favorite computer OS, I would surly answer Windows (Not from a comparative view – it’s just because I use Windows)...

Transform-You-Window-To-Mac-OS-X-Lion-With-A-Few-Clicks-Using-Mac-OS-X-Lion-Inspirat-DP3-If you ask me what is my favorite computer OS, I would surly answer Windows (Not from a comparative view – it’s just because I use Windows). But I often miss the amazing Mac Application Launcher Dock in my Windows. Windows’s OS is not comparable to Apple’s Mac OS X at look and feel by any means and any Windows user dreamt to make their Windows look like Mac. If you're a fan of Apple, but uses the Microsoft Operating System, we already have shared two different articles and 4 different method to do so. You can read those article from here and here. Of those, I like the Lion Skin Pack as it’s easy to install. But now I am presenting another handy and powerful alternative to that called Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3. Build on CustoPack tools, this customizer package includes everything to change your system to Mac. It’s easy as well as amazing like OSX. Read more.

Note: This type of Skin Packs changes/replaces system files so make sure to take a backup before installing this. You can learn about backing up and restoring system of Windows 7 from A Brief Guide About Creating A System Restore Point & Using It Safely. You may also like to read How To Install Third-Party Skin Packs (CustoPack Type) In Windows 7 Safely about getting step by step process.

Do not worry about complicated or time consuming installations. With Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3, you will do this with a few clicks. DLLs files that need to be modified/replaced and patches that need to applied will automatically be done with this tool. You will only need another program called CustoPack that will install the pack automatically.

How To Install Third-Party Skin Packs (CustoPack Type) In Windows 7 Safely (13)

To install the theme on your computer you need to download and install another program, called CustoPack Tools.  After installing the application, you can proceed to install Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3. After that, the theme will be opened in CustoPack Tools. Choose your settings and install the theme. It will ask to restart your computer then. After restarting, the theme will be installed completely.

Windows 7 Mac OS X Lion Theme reshapes your computer completely, from the wallpaper to the default font of Windows, and add visual elements just seen on OS X Lion. So it disables almost all visual features and all the visual elements of the Windows.


The icons are also changed with the theme. But not just the Desktop, a lot other Windows icons get the look of Mac OS X Lion. The icons of folders, Control Panel, Network, My Computer and more others are get modified. Even the usual color (yellow one) is modified to use the Blue Lion.



One of the coolest features of Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3 is the Dock, where their applications can be accessed quickly. It works like the Windows Taskbar, as there are major shortcuts and open programs. But unfortunately, the Dock does not keep the topic open programs in Windows there. This is done the traditional way, through the Taskbar. The dock used in Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3 is a custom skinned version of RocketDock.



Not just it, many other things including the boot screen and the log on screen will also get Mac OS X Lion look with this skin pack. Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3 is a fantastic theme for Windows 7. It is lightweight, does not hang the PC and does not cause performance problems in computer operation. Any change provided for visual application transforms your Windows on a Mac with much realism and detail - many of which you only discover over time.

Both CustoPack tools and Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3 are completely free of charge and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3 For Windows

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