Check Cluster Info, Raw Data, MFT Zone & Other Advanced Hidden Hard Disc Information Via Disk Investigator

Disk Investigator is a tiny program that provides allocation information of data stored (or was stored) on your computer hard drive. The too...

Check-Cluster-Info,-Raw-Data,-MFT-Zone-&-Other-Advanced-Hidden-Hard-Disc-Information-Via-Disk-Investigator-()Disk Investigator is a tiny program that provides allocation information of data stored (or was stored) on your computer hard drive. The tool also features a search engine that can assist in the search for lost data. Disk Investigator is a real powerful hard disc tool that allows you to view cluster info and raw data from your HD as well as check clusters with bad sector. The application is useful to navigate through you hard drive sector-wise while you will see the raw data as Hexadecimal, Decimal or Text format. You will be able to find identical file information as well as deleted files statistics. If you have securely deleted a file via any file shredder, you can check what’s left of that shredded file . Disk Investigator also gives you a total insight of your storage including total logical sectors, MFT zone clusters, cluster size, MFT start cluster and more. Moreover, it has a powerful built-in file explorer that allows you to check hash values of different format. This program completely features the function of displaying data allocation and directory on the hard drive of your computer. If you want to know what is (was) stored and meta information about it, then this program may be a good choice for you.


With this program you can see the storage information on your computer in two ways. One is Disc View in which the data are displayed disk size, sectors, bytes per sector, sectors per cluster, cluster size, file system, free clusters, free space, and many others. You can control the viewing location (beginning or end of the disk) sector by sector through the control bar or by typing a specific sector in the respective field. The other is Directories View where you will see all files and folders in file tree. In this view. data files are displayed as Name, DOS Name, Extension, Attribute, Size, when it was modified, date created and last accessed.


There, in the program menu, an option to recover previously deleted or lost files (undelete), but it does not work and if you select it, you receive a message indicating that the function will be available in later versions of the program.


Disk Investigator is a professional tool that is meant for the highly experienced user. Most data and features available in this tool may look like junks and useful in an eye of armature but if you are a proficient user then you will understand the true value of this tool. There are very few useable tool available for this type of task and rarely they are free. Disk Investigator is one of those rare kinded free tool that works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (and other older version of Windows) and Windows Vista.

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