Convert Video File To AVI, MOV, FLV, VOB & More Or For Devices Like PSP, iPhone, PS3 With Motion Man [Windows]

Motion Man is an open-source freeware video converter for Windows supports for various formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, VOB, WMV, RM, M...

Convert-Video-File-To-AVI,-MOV,-FLV,-VOB-&-More-Or-For-Devices-Like-PSP,-iPhone,-PS3-With-Motion-Man-[Windows]-()Motion Man is an open-source freeware video converter for Windows supports for various formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, VOB, WMV, RM, MKV and many others as well as supports for burning audio files directly into CD. Furthermore, you can also extract only the audio from any video on your computer using Motion Man. The program lets you set various conversion parameters to control video such as codecs to be used, format and resolution of the videos and also some other aspects that controls the audio. The cool thing is the Motion Man brings a video player built into its interface which allows the user to watch the videos before starting the conversion. Motion Man is a good video conversion suite with elegant user interface. The program converts video files quickly and does lossless conversion of both video and audio quality. Although it shows some bug in importing media and some blinks in the built-in media player whose slightly decrease the quality of the program, but the problems mentioned above do not diminish in any way the final quality of the converted files. So, the Motion Man gets points for fulfilling well its main objective with fast and full-featured video conversion. More to read.


As mentioned above, the User Interface of Motion Man is truly elegant and user-friendly, there will be no major difficulties in using this. All options and tools can be accessed from one window displayed by the application. The well-mannered arrangement of available features and option in the main window keeps everything well organized. The main window is divided into three parts. The first portion has a small toolbar which combines options to add files to the list of conversions and write data to a CD and displays the list of files on the queue to be converted by the application. From this list you can access the various information about the files.


In the second portion of the main window, there is a small video player, which lets you watch the videos before starting the conversion. Finally, the third portion of the screen has all the settings for audio and video file final post-conversion.


To convert video files, first you need to add desired files to the tasks list. To do this, click the Add  from the toolbar. Then choose the format of the output file by choosing one of the options found in the Convert to field. You can choose the destination directory where the converted file will be inserted simply by clicking on the ... under Output. Finally, change the settings of video (Like Codecs to be used, Size, Aspect Ratio, Frame and Bit rate) and audio (Like Codec, Frequency, Bit rate, Channel or even disable audio) if necessary. To start the conversion, click the Convert once you have finished everything. Okay, now just wait until the conversion finishes and the message appears as Success. Then check the result in the chosen folder for output files.


Motion Man supports a wide range of video format like AVI, DVD, VCD, MPEG-4 and per-added device like BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android. LG, Nokia, PS3, PSP, WalkMan, QuickTime or even website formats.

Motion Man is a brilliant freeware video converter that support Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. With it, you can convert your favorite videos and watch them on mobile phones, iPods, smartphones and many other devices.

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