Freeze Your System Like Sandbox Mode & Protect It From Damage Via Toolwiz Time Freeze For Windows

Toolwiz Time Freeze is a easy to use application for Windows to freeze your system to make it safe from any types of unwanted changes. This...

Freeze-Your-System-Like-Sandbox-Mode-&-Protect-It-From-Damage-Via-Toolwiz-Time-Freeze-For-Windows-()Toolwiz Time Freeze is a easy to use application for Windows to freeze your system to make it safe from any types of unwanted changes. This option is similar to System Restore at the first sight but the process is completely different. Toolwiz Time Freeze is superior from System Restore as it makes your Computer unchangeable, more like a sandbox application that applies over the whole system. Toolwiz Time Freeze is a simple and effective tool with an easy to understand interface and features that are far more advanced and useful then conventional when it comes to create restore points. More to read.


Previously we shared what is system restore and complete guide to use system restore. Although it is an useful feature of Windows but it doesn’t always solve system health problem. Unlike other applications of its kind, the Toolwiz Time Freeze does not serves as a restore point. It freezes the system and simulates everything as if you are using Windows normally like a virtual environment. So when you decide to stop the simulation, choose whether to apply or discard the last changes made.


With Toolwiz Freeze Time, your system will remain same as the time you applied the freezing. Meanwhile, you use the computer quietly, performing all the tasks you need. During this period, Windows works as usual with all its available resources having only one more application running. If by any chance something goes wrong and the computer indicates a configuration problem or damage due to any change made in the system (including virus infection), just stop the freezing for the system to return to the state it was when you started the application.

On the other hand, if no problem reaching your computer and you want all the changes made are applied, the Toolwiz Time Freeze also allows that. Indeed, in closing the freezing, you can choose whether the changes made during that time should be saved or not.


The Toolwiz Time Freeze has two tools, one that freezes the system and it protects. The another also has simple operation, files and folders you choose to stay locked for modification by others. This makes it impossible for any kind of infection at these files or folders. However system files can not be included in this list because it is impossible to change them and this can lead some major damage.

A drawback of Toolwiz Time Freeze is that you will need to restart the computer when installation is completed. Otherwise, this is a great tool to manage your system and protect it. Toolwiz Time Freeze is a free application works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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