Track Changes Of Registry Files And Compare Registry Keys Via CRegistry Comparison For Windows

CRegistry Comparison is an open source tool to create registry files backup and compare it later with current registry files of Windows . Th...

Track-Changes-Of-Registry-Files-And-Compare-Registry-Keys-Via-CRegistry-Comparison-For-Windows-()CRegistry Comparison is an open source tool to create registry files backup and compare it later with current registry files of Windows. The concept of this program is to create a file containing all information of your current system registry and to allow you to compare it with your changed registry anytime. So whenever you want to check which changes were made, just compare previously backed up file with the current state of the record. CRegistry Comparison is a tiny program with really easy to understand user interface and simple comparison feature. The software has basically one purpose, compare your registry and check out what changes have been made – so there is one button to make a new file reference (To compare it later) and another to compare it. Both operations – means the creation of new registry comparison file and comparing it later can consume a bit time. That depends on how much content you have on your hard disk and hardware resource of your system. But the result is quite satisfactory and brilliant. More to read.

If your are not familiar with Windows Registry, it is a database that stores settings and options (as well as keys/values) of all hardware components, almost all installed software and settings from the user. It also provides a tool for kernel operations and performance information as well as hardware assets. The contents of the Windows registry is constantly updated and changed (You will notice how fast it changes as soon as you compare you current registry with a backup file created not more then 2-3 minutes ago). It gets accumulated with unnecessary data, which can prevent the installation of new programs, in addition can cause errors and crashes. Therefore, CRegistry Comparison can be useful when you want to know what the registry entries left over after you uninstall a software, for example. It may also be useful to find malware that are installed in the system silently.


When you start the CRegistry Comparison for the first time, you will need to create a registry backup file using this tool to use it as reference for comparison later. To do so, just click on the New from the right side of CRegistry Old File.


In order to compare the registry, simply browse and select the previously created reference file and click Start Compare. Keep in mind that this may take several minutes. At the end of the process, you will see the result under Updates in New Registry File field. You can also export the report as a text file from File > Save Results.

Remember that making changes manually in the registry may cause major damage on your system. Therefore, it is recommended to have advanced knowledge and awareness about what you are doing when using this type and other tools.

CRegistry Comparison is a program for those who have extensive knowledge of the Windows registry. The software is not designed to explain or simplify the use of registry contents of Windows OS. The backup file that records all updates is big (Likely 50-150 MB or even bigger) and you will need to know about all kinds of registry keys to interpret them. Anyway it could be of great use if you want to learn about windows registry to develop some apps or simply just out of curiosity. CRegistry Comparison is a freeware registry tool for Windows and works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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