Build Criminal Empire & Crush Your Rivals To Become The Toughest Mob Boss In Crime City [Android Game]

Through Crime City, you will join on powerful gangs capable of destroying an entire city. Here, you should not have mercy on anyone - your g...

Build-Criminal-Empire-&-Crush-Your-Rivals-To-Become-The-Toughest-Mob-Boss-In-Crime-City-[Android-Game]-()Through Crime City, you will join on powerful gangs capable of destroying an entire city. Here, you should not have mercy on anyone - your goal is to kill, steal and destroy everything and everyone who crosses on your way. For those who enjoy games of strategy and management with wide violence, Crime City is a good choice. With it, you will find many obstacles to overcome in the midst of increasingly complex missions. One advantage is that the game always follows in career mode. With this, you can create your character and maintain it’s efforts to move increasingly in the game. The City Crime has simple controls and precise, as well as music and sounds that put the player into the scenario. The interface is very playful, even with a theme full of violence. The gameplay is a bit stuck due to waiting times for some actions which can take 5 minutes or more depending on your hardware and so can make gamers bored. Although you will always get something to do while waiting. After all, Crime City is an enjoyable games for Matures.


The movement of the protagonist on the screen is a little strange, since you simply touch a point of the scene to take him away, causing an unpleasant effect. When you perform other actions such as hitting a pedestrian or rob someone, the characters also move incoherently. These details may bother gamers more finicky, but somehow these match the style of the game Fast and Furious, as you perform actions directly and quickly feeding the idea of ​​a casual game. Although the game is abusing the issue of violence, using your character to practice killing rounds and collect debts, increasing your profit on the streets and gaining ground in the world of crime. The plot revolves around your neighborhood, where you need to make improvements to increase sue empire.



With the money you earn on the streets, you can invest in your space, gaining even more experience points. To control your character, you need only specify what you want it to do. The Crime City has shops and places to manage the items acquired throughout the game. Whenever a mission, you earn points on money, experience and in some cases - special objects which can help you on your journey such as heavy weapons and items to aid in theft and vandalism. Check out the video below:


  • Massively Multiplayer Online Crime Game!
  • FIGHT and ROB other players LIVE!
  • 150+ POWERFUL Weapons and Cars to Buy
  • 80+ Real Estate Properties to Own
  • 500+ Different Jobs
  • 200+ Goals to Complete
  • 60+ Areas to Explore
  • 100+ Decorations
  • Build Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, and more!
  • Steal cars, beat up people, do heists, and more!
  • Invite friends to make your mafia stronger!
  • Collect massive income from your properties!
  • Enjoy a rich crime story
  • Gorgeous graphics

Crime City is an enjoyable Android game for matures afterall. Crime City works on Android 2.2 and later and is available for free on Google Play.

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