Fix 108 Commonly Occurred Windows 7 Problems As Needed With 7 Quick Fix

7 Quick Fix is ​​an useful application which can help you to solve 108 common Windows 7 errors (e.g. Slow Shutdown, No DVD Icon, Re-enable ...

Fix-108-Commonly-Occurred-Windows-7-Problems-As-Needed-With-7-Quick-Fix--(4)7 Quick Fix is ​​an useful application which can help you to solve 108 common Windows 7 errors (e.g. Slow Shutdown, No DVD Icon, Re-enable Task Manager and more) that occurs sometime and brings a huge headache to the user. This application is especially useful for those who already have the operating system installed on the computer for a long time. The solutions (fixes) in this application are divided into six categories. Each category contains buttoned options to fix some related problems. When you hover on any of those fixes buttons, 7 Quick Fix will show detailed demonstration about what that option will do. The best feature of the 7 Quick Fix is ​​the large number of tools available in the program whose can be accessed real easily. In short, 7 Quick Fix is a brilliant freeware System utility tool for Windows 7 to solve lots of common and major problems without re-installing the Operating System. More to read.


During the installation of 7 Quick Fix, it will try to install unnecessary Babylon toolbar. To make sure you aren’t letting it make any change, uncheck those options.


7 Quick Fix has 6 categories where relative tools will be found. Those categories are accessed from the icon bar and marked as Enable/Disable, Restore Missing Stuff, Performance, Errors and Crashes, Tweaks and Associations.


Although it seems like most of this fixes aren’t important in plain eye, but you will understand why this is real handy when you find any of these problems. For example, In the first menu, Enable Task Manager is real important for when a virus has disabled the Task Manager in Windows, because it allows the process to pest is closed, increasing your chances of eliminating it using an antivirus.

7 Quick Fix is a easy system fixing tool for Windows 7 32-Bit and 64-Bit. Once installed, you can copy the exe file and use it anywhere as it claimed to be Portable.

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