How To Add “My Computer” Icon On Windows 8 Metro Start Screen [Video Tutorial]

If you are trying out Windows 8 Consumer Preview, there should be some common problems you faced like Start Menu problem, Explorer Problem,...

How-To-Add-“My-Computer”-Icon-On-Windows-8-Metro-Start-Screen-[Tutorial]If you are trying out Windows 8 Consumer Preview, there should be some common problems you faced like Start Menu problem, Explorer Problem, Adopting Metro UI problem and others because of the whole UI re-design in this version. Because of the replacement of traditional Start Menu with the new Metro UI environment, the way to turn off Windows 8 has been changed. Even if you have use Windows 8 Developer Preview previously, yet you will find it quite hard to navigate through Windows 8. All traditional menus like My Computer, Network, My Documents have become a bit harder to access because of the Metro UI. So if you wanted to add My Computer icon on the Metro Start UI, I am going to show you how. Remember Pin to Start Menu option on the right click context menu of Windows 7? Windows 8 also has a similar options marked as Pin to Start. Via this option, you will be able to add any files or programs or shortcuts to Windows 8 Metro Start Menu. Check out after the break.

Check out the following video tutorial for practical experience.

First, let’s add the My Computer icon on Desktop. This is exactly same as in Windows 7. In the classic desktop, click the right mouse button on any empty area and click on Customize.


The Personalization window will open. Click on Change desktop icon from the left panel of the Window.


Now the Desktop icon Settings window will open. Mark Computer and any other (if wanted) under Desktop Icons and then click OK.


The icon will then be available in Desktop. Right click on the icon from Desktop and then click on Pin to Start.


The icon will now be available in Metro Start UI.


You can also change default My Computer icon, Recycle Bin icon or other in Windows 7 and Windows 8 from the Desktop icon Settings window.

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  1. This is the most roundabout way you could possible use to add the Computer icon to the home screen. Just right click on the home screen, click "All Apps" in the lower right, then scroll to "Computer" and right click on it then press "Pin to Start"


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