Monitor The Temperature & Voltage Of Video Card, Processor, Hard Drives And Check Fan Speed With CPUID HWMonitor

HWMonitor (CPUID Hardware Monitor) is an advanced hardware diagnostic application which let’s you monitor and check voltage/temperature of P...

Monitor-The-Temperature-&-Voltage-Of-Video-Card,-Processor,-Hard-Drives-And-Check-Fan-Speed-With-CPUID-HWMonitorHWMonitor (CPUID Hardware Monitor) is an advanced hardware diagnostic application which let’s you monitor and check voltage/temperature of Processor, HD, Graphics Card and other Hardware components individually and keep an eye on Fan speed right from your Windows Desktop. In addition to identifying the hardware components (processor, hard drive, DVD-RW, motherboard and others), it also shows the temperature of each elements separately including the cores of the processor, speed of the fans and voltages of the motherboard. Although HWMonitor isn’t as featured and completed as our previously featured SpeedFan, however, the idea is to show the temperatures, voltages and rotation speed of the fans too easy to understand with an armature's eye, it’s worth of try. But if you need detailed information and want to control CPU components from Windows, please read “Monitor Speed, Temperature & Voltage of Internal Cooling-Fan, CPU And Other Hardware Components With SpeedFan”. Data transmitted by this program are ideal for diagnosing problems related to overheating of the computer and improper power supply to/by the motherboard. The graphical interface is not very elaborate, although this does not make much difference because HWMonitor shows list information which does not require graphics to be understood.

HWMonitor is available as both Installable package and Portable package. Right at the initial stage of the program installation, installation wizard offers you the option to set the as your default search engine and browser home page. There is also an alternative to add the Ask toolbar in your browser. If you do not want these changes to occur, simply uncheck both options. If you don’t want to go through the process of installation, try the Portable version instead.


The application operates from a single window, which provides all data received from the short analysis procedure done at the opening of the program. While most hardware diagnostics programs only informs what are the components of the computer and they are working properly, the HWMonitor is a little more specific showing temperature, speed and voltage of the processor, HD, fans and others. This can be useful to check for problems in power supply, component malfunction, analyzing power in both motherboard and other components. You can also use this tool to check if the coolers are operating correctly and if the temperature is maintained within a value that prevents overheating of the machine.

The items are listed in the application interface, each with pertinent details. For the motherboard, the voltages are shown in which it operates at the moment, beyond the minimum and maximum values ​​that can be achieved. Then there is a check of the temperature of the computer, also with the current number and the limit values ​​for comparison. There you can also see all cooling fan of your computer separately. For reference, there is the number of rotations per minute that they engage, beyond the maximum and minimum value in which they can operate. The processor part shows the temperatures for each of the cores. For the hard drive, are reported temperatures obtained by the thermal sensors and rotation.

HWMonitor is a real easy and simple tool to monitor hardware components from Windows. You can use the information provided by this tool to manually diagnose any hardware problems and thus take necessary steps to solve them. HWMonitor is a freeware Hardware monitor tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista while we also operated it successfully in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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